Metro West's "vision" for the 21st Century an unqualified white guy

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Bring Back the 1950's Kris Harsh for Council

Jeff Ramsey Dictator Extraodinaire of Metro West "Community" "Development" "Corporation" and his favorite enabler Matt "Just Call Me Hizzoner" Zone MUST be feeling the heat. Current Cuyahoga County Council Representative for District 7, YVONNE CONWELL is a well respected attorney, an AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN, a lifelong resident, with her husband Kevin Conwell, of Cleveland and has been an excellent, concerned, thoughtful, approachable and ethical representative of the community she serves. So it DOES raise the question, why has KRIS HARSH, a totally unqualified white guy been carefully selected to run against her. Hmmmm...perhaps Representative Conwell is just NOT the kind of team player the boys over at Detroit Shoreway/Metro West etc. want right now. Under many investigations for fraud and corruption, they need one of THEIR OWN, a yes MAN who can be told just what to do. Enter stage left, Kris Harsh, the totally incompetent "Housing" "Director" at Metro West the perfect malleable puppet. During his endless tenure he has ZERO accomplishments particularly in the Brooklyn Centre and Clark Fulton Neighborhoods. AND by the way WHO exactly is funding these shiny full color election handouts since he hasn't even bothered to file any of the required campaign treasurer information at the BOE. What housing accomplishments is he going to run on?? The meth lab in the long vacant abandoned home at 2111 Denison that blew up on President's Day and the CITY OF CLEVELAND had to pay for the demo AND removal. Or the CMSD OWNED abandoned, hazardous and dangerous home at 3206 Denison occupied by squatters 500 yards from Denison elementary that sat deteriorating right before his eyes for TEN YEARS and he did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it. Once his buddy Brian Cummins from the Metro West boys club was defeated, new councilwoman Jasmin Santana got a commitment to have it taken down in 2 months. "Kris Harsh for County Council Vote for Me I'm A White Guy" 

Yvonne Conwell is targeted for asking questions about Land Bank

In 2015, Brooklyn Centre residents found out about a deal that had been hatched in collusion before the YMCA building sold in 2007.  Yvonne Conwell is being challenged by Krish Harsh to  put her in her place for sharing information REQUESTED by residents. 


Sent: Monday, January 11, 2016 2:01 PM

To: Yvonne Conwell

Cc: Tony Brancatelli

Subject: RE: 3881 Pearl Rd., Cleveland (records request)

OK, we should talk first by phone. Councilman Brancatelli is aware of these citizens and has been dealing with them on a community level. They do now want this project to be housing for what they perceive are “incompatible” uses and residents. CHN is the party that has expressed interest in redeveloping the site, but there is no firm project as yet. This request can be viewed as a request to the county, and the extent of the County’s response can be what the county demolition funding program is; or we can (and I would suggest) steering this as a public request to the Cuyahoga Land Bank since we have a healthy amount of info about this project. When we talk, I can fill you in on this project and what is being proposed. I think the highlighted language is what we would consider a public records request. Stand by and I will get back. I am copying Tony Brancatelli on this email. Thanks, and regards to you and Kevin! Gus
MetroWest has been a nightmare for residents.  The fake CDC was inititated by Matt Zone to expand the control of his mega CDC Detroit Shoreway and give them the access to development along West 25th.  West 25th has been a speculative real estate market for every council person who has served the near west side.  Since, this "new" CDC was hatched, residents have no say or knowledge of what happens in Ward 14 and residents are forced to contact the media for answers and solutions to problems that have been created by our "representatives."    Thank you Cleveland Council representative Jasmin Santana for making this happen and thank you County Council Representative Yvonne Conwell for getting answers to residents questions in County District 7.