W C Reed closed until further notice

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 I just spoke to Councilman Cimperman one day after W C Reed Park seemingly with no warning was closed off with flimsy fencing around almost the whole field which must be at least 50 acres. Of course any resourceful person just needs to climb over the hedge at the nursing home or cut through any yard on West 15th. The councilman who answered his own phone which I thought was AMAZING told me there is a meeting at St. Barbara's church on W. 15 to explain what is going on. Basically before the improvements can be made and I'm not really sure what they are because I haven't attended any meetings, can be done the soil, which is contaminated from being a city dump over 40 years ago, has to be cleaned up. However it is they do that. He said you can't be poisoned by walking on the grass but now that they know they had to close it so kids don't eat the dirt. I am heartsick at the closing of this beautiful basically unknown field/park. But not as upset as my 4 dogs are. This is the best dog park in the city and now my girls can only gaze through the cheap slats at their field of green. It WILL reopen and if I find out when after the Monday meeting I'll report back :{

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clark field & all tremont is contaminated was a swamp still is

.clark field (& all tremont from mittel steel etc.is contaminated) was a swamp - tremont still is a swamp in another way - i rarlely go there - as i told many folks in tremont - as a child ten or so - 1950's - we played tom sawyer hackel berry finn with home made raffes - almost got sucked in when i fell in the water -  we watched as 50 gallon  drums and other stuff got dumped in to fill the water and at times some exploded - all of tremont is realy contaminated

sophia honey yoga and guy - http://www.disclosureproject.com TRUTH - EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL http://www.nationalwardogsmonument.org

Dogs in the City

So sad about this -  and not surprised at all.  Guy and Mabel- please have dog lovers come out en masse to protest this lack of oversight by the City of Cleveland. I started this awhile back and keep it alive, but it's not really active.  I hope Friends of Clark Field might also be concerned and will join the meeting.  I don't know that we can expect anything good from the City of Cleveland, and I am tired of fighting City Hall and the crooks that run this town, but we can hope.  A dog needs a place to run free....



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WC Reed

I don't know I am hopeful they will do the necessary repairs. Of course they have to come up with $1.5 million but Joe Cimperman sounded very positive on the phone. The danger of cancer is far less than people who smoke cigarettes or even those who are surrounded by second hand smoke. It seems like a huge overreaction but since they know about if officially I don't think they had much of a choice. My dogs are heartbroken. Looking forward to the meeting at St. Barbara's.....

$1.5 Million to Remediate WC Reed Field-ATTORNEYS take note

 For more aerials see: http://cpl.org/Research/PopularTopics/Maps.aspx

Thanks for the info--perhaps the silver lining is some federal cash pot...whatever...bottomfeeders.  If WC Reed field is contaminated, then so is Clark Field and Loew Park and Jefferson Park and the many parks throughout CLE that are old landfill sites.  And, as you mentioned--walking across these sites is probably as dangerous as smoking a cigarette.  I am not an alarmist.  I have survived almost 50 years in this cancer alley we call Northeast Ohio :)  :(

Let's GROW food here!!!  http://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2012/12/cleveland_playfield_closed_aft.html


Susan--don't get me started on our "regional" solution to stormwater...especially, when our "Reimagining" folks, and self-proclaimed GREEN council rep Brian Cummins, just plopped a HUD-subsidized 61-unit complex and parking lot on top of a filled in tributary to the Cuyahoga River. 

I am so sick of these fake environmentalists--I could spit.  I know many good people at NEORSD and I feel for the compromises they have to watch happen everyday as they are rolled along with the rest of us in the huge dungball that we like to call being sustainable in NEO.

PLEASE READ--HaganSucks comments...before they mysteriously disappear:



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December 21, 2009, 7:49PM

Hey elanebenes –
You are very correct about the NEORD executive director, Julius Ciaccia, being under multiple clouds of suspicion.

Ciaccia was Cleveland’s water commission for more than 20 years…under his watch the FBI convicted no less than 13 people (including five of his employees!) in a corruption investigation. Former mayor Jane “Clueless” Campbell inexplicably anointed Ciaccia Cleveberg’s chief of public utilities in the wake of the investigation!

Ciaccia himself was never charged (at least not yet) by the FBI. But federal prosecutors brought up Ciacca’s name in the 2005 corruption trial of Nate Gray (alleged bagman of former mayor Mike White). The feds contended Ciaccia received payoffs in exchange for awarding more than $7 million in contract work. “It’s time to pay for Ciaccia’s daughter’s tuition!” witness Rony Joel recalled while testifying in open court.

Also, and most telling of all, Ciaccia ran both the water and public utilities offices with fear and intimidation. He micromanaged and knew intimate details about employees thanks to an elaborate network of snitches. How odd, then, for a creepy manager such as Ciaccia to have known with whom his employees ate lunch…and yet, Ciaccia had no knowledge of the water department warehouse scheme that allowed vendors to overcharge the city millions of dollars and sent 13 people to prison?? An elaborate scheme that ran for eight years??

Funniest part of the Ciaccia saga – the disgraced former legal counsel for NEORSD, William Schatz (whom the FBI is investigating in regard to yet another massive corruption scheme involving cost overruns/kickbacks), is who recommended Ciaccia for the NEORSD executive director position! Funny, huh? Are you laughing? …me neither.

Ciaccia has a lot of stink on him. How and why he keeps getting promoted and recruited to bigger and better positions of power, in spite of the stink, is one of the great Cuyahoga County mysteries.



Here is a photo showing how the City of Cleveland spends your money.  Millions to destroy perfectly good recreational facility:


Millions to clean up a playfield...this is your elected government in Northeast Ohio.  Is something wrong with this picture???

 (Thank you Mr. Puri for documenting this corruption with photos--above shows gym with basketball hoops showing at John Marshall High School)



I notified HUD regarding the release of funds in 2009:

June 10, 2009

Department of Community Development
ClevelandCity Hall, Room 320
601 Lakeside Avenue, Cleveland, OH                                    
Attn: Kellie Glenn, Project Director
RE: Objection to Notice and Finding of No Significant Impact for Denison Senior Housing Project proposed on Denison Ave.
I am a resident of the impacted watershed, who formally objects to the release of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and/or Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME) funds under the Title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 and under Title II of the Cranston-Gonzales National Affordable Housing Act as amended, to undertake a project known as the NRP Group/CHR Partners Inc. Denison Elderly Project, located at land bounded by Denison Avenue on the south, Fern Court on the north, and extension of W. 19th Street on the east and an extension of W. 22nd on the west in the City of Cleveland, 1914-2020 Denison Avenue
I formally object based on several criteria and because I can not ascertain that the following basis was followed:
(a) The certification was not in fact executed by the responsible entity's Certifying Officer. (b) The responsible entity has failed to make one of the two findings pursuant to Sec. 58.40 or to make the written determination required by Secs. 58.35, 58.47 or 58.53 for the project, as applicable. (c) The responsible entity has omitted one or more of the steps set forth at subpart E of this part for the preparation, publication and completion of an EA. (d) The responsible entity has omitted one or more of the steps set forth at subparts F and G of this part for the conduct, preparation, publication and completion of an EIS. (e) The recipient has committed funds or incurred costs not authorized by this part before release of funds and approval of the environmental certification by HUD or the State. (f) Another Federal agency acting pursuant to 40 CFR part 1504 has submitted a written finding that the project is unsatisfactory from the standpoint of environmental quality.
I am concerned that the City of Cleveland reached a Finding of No Significant Impact, yet acknowledges contaminated soils and a more than 20% change of use.
There are major environmental and environmental justice concerns about this project.  The project has been sited on the headwater, hydric soils of a buried creek, and is slated to tie into an antiquated combined sewer system. The residents of the area, many who speak English as a second language, have not all been notified and were not given an opportunity to weigh in on the project until the project was well under way. Overall, residents were not informed about the project until rezoning, transfer of properties and donation of City of Cleveland lands had already transpired.
Also of significant concern, the City of Cleveland Department of Building and Housing demolished 2000 Denison sometime in 2007, before the property transferred to NRP. The prior owner in default, did not pay off the lien, and, if NRP paid off this lien, as alleged by the Councilman Brian Cummins, then federal monies were released before the approval of environmental certification by HUD and the State. 
I strongly oppose the Denison Senior Elderly Project and request that the City of Cleveland and HUD denies release of funds for this project.
Laura McShane


2.5 million to remediate WC Reed Field-KILL Oak trees

  Some contractors are really making out.  First, the City (see above) says 1.5 million and now it's 2.5 million - and the money is guaranteed.  Can't beat that scam.  

Tonight, the City of Cleveland provided an update, five months later - starting June the contractor hired by Ohio EPA will remediate WC Reed Field by installing a liner and replacing the top 2'ft of topsoil.  AND - KILLING the 50-80 year old OAK trees that are in the park.

No council people at tonight's meeting - thank you to Channel 19 for covering the meeting - watch as residents get screwed over again...this is CLE.


There is a community meeting at St. Barbara Church on West 15th Street and Denison Avenue at 6:30 p.m. TONIGHT...Monday, December 17th, 2012, in regards, to the "Contaminated Soil" that, has caused an IMMEDIATE CLOSING of W.C. Reed Park.  Councilman Cipperman and the Board of Health and other officials will be there to discuss this matter with US.  In my opinion...I cannot see "how Foster Pointe Senior Housing" was able to be permitted to be built adjacent to "THIS YUCK"...Where was the building inspector? Where was the health inspector? Where was the fire inspector? Where was the code enforcer?  where was our councilman? (COUNCILMAN BRIAN CUMMINS.... AT THIS TIME)  Now, I need a 30 day "cooling off" period...before, ever posting here again...it, already has been more than a year since my last post...but, I just couldn't help myself today!....  Have a blessed and safe Holiday Season.

Federal Slush Fund Cleveland Style....everywhere! USE WORMS!

$2.5 million to dig up 2 feet of topsoil, install a liner, and destroy the old trees...hmmmmmm....what's required??? A bulldozer; a bond, a permit, a place to dump the bad soil---what about the worm farms??? Why cannot they use the worms to clean up that contaminated soil and recycle it?????

Just saying.....how much would a couple thousand worms cost the taxpayers and what would the results be???? Just curious.... WORMS, WORMS, WORMS!

Always Appreciative,

Southwest Citizens need Attorney

The information from the city is foggy at best.  Who is the contractor??  I think his firstname is.... Where is the contaminated soil taken...????? 

We all lose.

Thank you to W010 19 for coverage: http://www.19actionnews.com/story/22148360/toxic

Sent to Kim Roberson -City of CLE re: WC Reed Field

Hello Ms. Roberson,
Please release all planning and informational documents pertaining to the renovation and   remediation of WC Reed Field. 
Residents have not received materials as promised at public meeting held at St. Barbara's Church in December 2012.  Commissioner Cox assured residents that these materials would be made available for review at the Cleveland Public Library Brooklyn Branch 3706 Pearl Rd. Cleveland OH 44109.
We are now being told that the City of Cleveland plans to proceed with contract under Ohio EPA for remediation that is to include removing all trees at the park.  
For the record, residents have not been given adequate information or notice for this to proceed and residents are opposed to removal of mature oak trees in the park.
Laura McShane


CLE posts WC Reed Phase II

They posted this yesterday:



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WC Reed Field -request for coverage

To: david.molpus <david [dot] molpus [at] ideastream [dot] org>; mike.mcintyre <mike [dot] mcintyre [at] ideastream [dot] org>

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Subject: W.C. Reed Playfield Toxic Waste Remediation Plans

David & Mike,
I am a resident of Old Brooklyn and live adjacent to W.C. Reed Playfield, a green space and recreational facility located behind the Horizon Academy on Dennison Avenue at W. 15th St.  Last December, the park was closed due to a concern about toxic waste materials that were detected seeping to the surface and that may pose a potential health hazard to users of the facility.  The tests were conducted on behalf of the city parks department, which, in conjunction with the EPA, proposed a remediation plan that involves the removal of a two-foot layer of the top soil and the installation of a water-permeable membrane to abate the seepage. The plan also involves the removal of most of the trees in the park.  These trees are healthy, old and historic oaks, linden, cottonwoods and aspen that provide shade, aesthetic appeal, a habitat for the squirrels, birds and other wildlife in the park, and act as a windbreak for adjoining homes and yards in the winter.
The neighbors and nearby residents have not been consulted in the formulation of these plans, nor of the extent of the hazard posed by the reported toxic seepage, nor how thoroughly the proposed remediation would remove present and future threats posed by these reportedly hazardous landfill materials.  The landfill site generating the toxic seepage extends well beyond the park acreage itself and into many adjoining private yards and properties, but the safety issues for residents in those homes has not been addressed. 
Coincidentally, the remediation and renovation plans for the park also originally included the selling off of some of the park acreage to Riverside Cemetery which abuts the park.  That sale may still be included in the current proposals.  There has been some concern expressed that all this preparation of the park property is a precursor to the sale of the park land to, and its development by, private interests, as happened with the Foster Point senior residence development on Dennison Avenue that also involved sold-off park property.  The concern is that the city is intent on the disposal and privatization of community assets to reduce maintenance costs and ease the financial burdens on the city budget.
The concerned neighbors have organized a group and launched a website at www.freindsofwcreedfield.ning.com [sic].  To date, many questions remain about the true intent and motives of the city and its planners and, in the absence of full disclosure and communication between and among the involved parties, there is considerable mistrust.  This may reflect an endemic problem of a lack of accountability and responsiveness on the part of civil servants and institutions to citizens’ concerns, and of inadequate communication between taxpaying citizens and their elected representative government.
Sincerely, Roland Kausen (216) 398-7137 on behalf of Friends of W.C. Reed Field

WC Reed Field now chain-linked -barb wire next?

 WC Reed Field - a beautiful public park - adjacent to a senior housing complex and many residential homes and a school - is now fenced off with an eight foot chain link fence to keep residents who have used the park for years OUT- part of the planned abandonment used in other parts of the City with brownfield funds to encourage panic and vacancy so that developers can cash in - welcome to this great "comeback" brought to you by Frank Jackson and the goons at City Hall - in league with the Land Bank and Greater Cleveland Partnership - who wins in their sick lottery??? http://freindsofwcreedfield.ning.com/