jim simone honest police officer - when jim was promoted to detective - jim went back to being a patrol officer- its more honest

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(BADGE 387) my jim simone like proactive service canine sophia honey yoga won't let me go to crowded places for our safety because of our truth to power activisim - you all know - although with jim there we would be well protected and the other good police officers and civilian heroes there to get their book sign etc. - sophia would be barking at every one carrying a fire arm etc. - especially jim because he's so dangerous or sophia would want to stay and protect jim and his loved ones

are these in the book - as i recall - do you know jim's book badge 387 jim's photo that depression in jim's cheek is from a bullet by a criminal that shot jim - one of a few life threating wounds

and when jim jumped in the freezing cuyahoga river to save a drowning woman at nite when no emergency folks on scene would - jim carried life saving equipment in his patrol car and when jim arrived on scene he ran back to his police car and got his long so called rescue rope and tied it around him and secured it and jumped in - as i recall jim was quoted that he was almost frozen and could hardly move and rescued the woman but he didn't think he would make it he was so cold - i think jim is quoted i was never so scared - jim was nominated for the american police officer hero of the year award that year for saving the womans life -

on a personal note - do you really know how honest of a police officer jim is - when jim was promoted to detective - jim went back to being a patrol officer because its more honest than being a detective - a demotion

remember when jim was talked into and promoted to detective (some wanted jim off the streets as a patrol officer)

well detective jim simone and detective gray or grey came to my home after i called the police when i read ruthie johnson was murdered shot in the head in her drive way

and weeks before ruthie called me for help to get her and her kids out of tremont valley view cmha because no authorities would help ruthie as she complained that her boy friend was threating using selling drugs and drugging her and her kids and sexually abusing her and kids in their one bed room and ruthie said she should have a few bed room one -

i called every body cmha media elected officials police no one would help right away - i visted ruthie which was only a few block from our 753 brayton ave, in tremont -

 the message ruthie left on my voice mail was - "guy if any thing happens to me like murder its - i can't recall the name ruthie said its her boy friend " but its in my records and a matter of police court records -

jim and detective gray or grey came to our home -  i played said tape of ruthie - jim wanted the tape i said come back i'll make you a copy - jim and grey or gray came back the next day i gave em a copy and jim asked by the way do you know were he lives i said i thought you knew or i would have told you he lives on west 10th in a dope house making embalming  fluid - they went and he confessed as they arrested  -

so to make a long story a little longer the police didn't know were he lived let a lone he was a suspect at this point in time so i call the tip hot line for rewards and i apply for the tip reward for a ruthie johnson fund and said i don't need a secret number heres my name from Quest, ministries so any one else calls me for a safe place to live we will have funds -

a few weeks later i was told my request is denied because the police knew were he lived - i said thats a lie - i got hold of jim over the phone and told him what i did and requested jim tell the police i gave the name and tape evidence and address which should have been in the police report -

 jim being a honest spirit and cop told me guy your correct but my superiors won't let me tell the truth on record and they wanted me to make a false report that we knew were he lived etc. - jim said yours isn't the only time - they wanted me and other detectives to make other false reports - if i fight em you know what will happen to me - jim tells me - so guy i'm going back to being a patrol officer its more honest -

and we all know jim was correct - jim could not have served as guardian spirit as he has - being a a detective -

cheers - sophia honey yoga and guy


BADGE 387 - JIM SIMONE - (super cop) Join us for the launch of Badge 387

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Product DetailsBadge 387: The Story of Jim Simone, America's Most Decorated Cop Meet and talk with the Author Robert Sberna

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