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LIVE SCAN OF POLICE FIRE EMERGANCY Current view: USA > Ohio > Cuyahoga County Favorite LocationsAdd Cuyahoga County to favoritesManage Favorites 1 user in the chat rooms .: Home | SA Home | Forums | Messages | Top 20 Scanners | Chat Room | Mobile :. 1 idle chat user Menu · Home · Alerts · Chat Room · Donations · Favorites · Feedback · Forums · Library · Members List · New Scanners · Photo Gallery · Private Messages · Promote · RSS Feeds · Scanner Archive · Submit Scanner · Web Links · Your Account · Logout Donate Help me pay the hosting and bandwidth costs ($1402/month) for ScanAmerica by making a small donation. Forum Topics Care Flight Air Ops Last post by MVBN-2 on Mar 04 at 09:56 AM. Lake County Willoughby FD Fire causes $2.5 million in damage Last post by 05jcook on Mar 04 at 07:41 AM. Painesville Twp. Sta. # 3 Last post by coastermatt on Mar 02 at 12:14 PM. Cleveland Fd Questions Last post by coastermatt on Mar 02 at 12:12 PM. Columbiana County feed's Last post by digitalanalog on Feb 28 at 10:17 PM. Hancock County MARCS update Last post by bpdkop21 on Feb 27 at 07:57 PM. franklin county ohio frequencies Last post by rmiller818 on Feb 23 at 09:30 PM. What are response's for Columbus Fire? Last post by JoeO on Feb 22 at 11:56 AM. Columbiana County SO Last post by digitalanalog on Feb 19 at 04:39 AM. Carroll County Last post by mtindor on Feb 16 at 06:37 PM. >> Customize << User Info Welcome, QUESTministries. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Private Messages Unread: 0 Read: 0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Membership: Latest: AutopsyMike New Today: 3 New Yesterday: 69 Overall: 27325 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- People Online: Visitors: 113 Members: 5 Total: 118 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Online Now: 01: Corkie 02: dylanstones3... 03: pikespeakmtn... 04: WillB 05: QUESTministr... (active in last 10 mins) Click on one of the scanners below to begin listening. Use the links under the box below to select your preferred player. Eastern Cuyahoga County Fire and EMS: (also covers Portage, Geauga County, Northern Summit, and Mahoning counties) 3 listeners Westshore Fire: (also includes Lorain County Fire Dispatch) 0 listeners Having problems listening? Click here to switch to the Web Player and then select one of the scanner links above. Listen to past audio in the Scanner Archive. A link to another site with an online scanner for this area can be found below. Scanners will play using Click here to select a different player. Select the player you would like to use to listen: The online scanners on this site are provided by a fine group of volunteers Other Sites with Cuyahoga County Online Scanners Cleveland Police Know of another site with an online scanner that's not listed? Submit a link to it here (or submit a change or removal request) Recent Miami Valley Breaking News Alerts Alerts are delayed 4 hours If you hear an active incident let everyone know about it. 3/4 9:34 pm TOWNSEND FD(HURON)MVC W/HELO HARTLAND CENTER RD 1 CAR ROLLOVER W/EJECTION | LIFEFLIGHT REQUESTED TO SCENE MVBN/90/2 3/4 9:05 pm 2058LIMA POLICE AND FIRE(ALLEN) SHOOTING/1 SPARTAN WAY/SHOOTING LIMA SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL/PD FD/EMS SCENE SECURE/SUSPECT RPT IN AREA OF FAMILY VIDEO/LPD/LFD/ACSO/154.800/155.520//MVBN-/90 3/4 8:44 pm NEWARK,OH(LICKING)/*3RD ALM* 99 S. PINE ST | 1 STY COMMERCIAL BLDG | SEVERAL LADDER PIPES FLOWING/ MVBN- 15/2 / MIAMI VALLEY BREAKING NEWS 3/4 8:42 pm NEWARK FD(LICKING)3rd Alarm WSF 99 S. PINE ST *PAL JOEYS* LARGE 1 STY COMMERCIAL BLDG | SEVERAL LADDER PIPES FLOWING | REPORTED COLLAPSE |..OPS 154.370 MVBN/*TIP*/15/2 3/4 8:23 pm Prarie Twp.(FRANKLIN)MVC W/TRAP West Broad St. @ I270 SO reports a 2 car mvc, 1 veh. on its side w/ 1 pinned. Engine & Medic 241, Medic 243 14 Prarie MVBN//65 3/4 7:22 pm DELAWARE CITY(DELAWARE)WSF 300 CHELSEA 3 STY APT BLDG | SMALL FIRE WITH ALOT OF SMOKE GENERATED, EVACUATING OCCUPANTS, VENTILATING | WORKING ASSIGNMENT TIED UP..OPS DEL CO 800 MVBN//2 3/4 5:45 pm Columbus(FRANKLIN)MVC W/TRAP 70 E/B @ 315 Sta. 17 o/s reporting a wkg. ext. Sta. 17, Res2Cue, EMS15, SO2, Bn.5 8EMS MVBN//65 3/4 5:14 pm MIAMI TWP(CLERMONT)EMS W/HELO 5985 MEIJER DR. *DANCE ETC.* GYMNAST FELL FROM A TRAMPOLINE, AIR CARE HAS BEEN REQUESTED OPS CLERMONT 800 MVBN/20/2 3/4 4:34 pm Warren Twp Fire Rescue(TRUMBULL)HAZ-MAT SPILL Short Stop Truck Plaza - St. Rte. 5/82 Unk. Type Haz. Mat Spill - Liquid Product - 47-101 Req Additional Manpower to Scene.Warren Twp - 47, Trumbull County Haz. Mat Resp. Team - 77.Chanel C MVBN//67 3/4 4:20 pm Columbus(FRANKLIN)MVC W/TRAP I70 e/b @ 18th Chief 50 o/s reporting auto vs. wall w/ airbag deployment. Wkg ext. Engine 2, Res2Cue, Medic 8, EMS11 8 EMS MVBN//65 More alerts... Sent within the past 24 hours Abbreviations used in alerts CopCAST Episode 112 - The Repo Man The CopCAST crew is running lean and mean for a second week in a row. This week it is Morgan who in on the MIA list since he is traveling on business down under. Of course, Rich and Mack would never take advantage of the situation by poking Morgan when he can't defend himself. Mack talks about his recent trip to Cuba and what it is like to have Fidel on his Christmas card list. For the record, the wallpaper is down in the bathroom. If you don't know what that means, don't worry about it. Age and determination trumps youth and crime. The only thing more shocking than this Ohio crime is the maximum penalty. Our keynote story this week involves guns, badges, some dope and a repo man. Maybe these two Swedish kidnappers ought to find a new profession or at least get some sleep. Robbing a French bank is a stinky job. The seventies called and they want their purple pimp clothes back. Read more and listen to the CopCast podcast... Posted on Sunday, March 01 Firefighters Respond To Fire At Air Force Base Wright-Patterson Firefighters responded to a fire on a test pad near building 191 in Area B around 3:50 p.m. Friday. The fire was restricted to the outdoor live fire range which is adjacent to the building. Fire crews said the fire was extinguished and the scene was declared safe around 4:45 p.m. Read the article... Posted on Friday, February 27 Smoke Detector Saves Family From Fire A smoke detector is being credited for saving a family of five from their burning house early Thursday morning. The fire happened around 1:30 a.m. Thursday on Stancrest Drive. According to fire officials, when they arrived at the scene, a man was standing outside of the burning house and told them that his wife and three children were safe. Read the article... Posted on Thursday, February 26 Xenia House Damaged In Morning Fire A Xenia man went to use his fireplace on Wednesday morning and ended up setting his house on fire. The fire happened around 9:15 a.m. at a house on Ledbetter Avenue. Firefighters were called to the house and found smoke coming from the attic. The fire was quickly put out. Read the article... Posted on Wednesday, February 25 Flames Rip Through Vacant Dayton House A Dayton house caught fire Tuesday morning for the second time in two weeks. The fire happened around 8 a.m. on Fairground Avenue and presented firefighters with a challenge. They discovered that a nearby fire hydrant was not pumping enough water. Firefighters arrived and found flames shooting from the top floor of the house, causing thick, black smoke to pour into the sky. Read the article... Posted on Tuesday, February 24 A cop's take on crime: Better to be smart AND safe Around 10 p.m. a man, on his way home, walks into a convenience store to pick up a gallon of milk. He walks in right about the time another man, who has walked in some 30 seconds earlier, is trying to force the store clerk to clean out the cash drawer a bit faster so he can make his getaway. The two men meet in the middle and seconds later the robber is out the door and running down the street. The poor slob who just happened to walk in at the wrong time, well, he's standing there on his cell phone calling the cops while the store clerk just sits there with a wide eyed look on his now pale face. No one got hurt. They were lucky. The robber held all the cards and it was his decision whether or not this scenario turned tragic. A couple of days later a man, on his way to his brand new Ford Expedition, walks from the parking deck elevator to his car parked in that section where few cars park. With the new car, he parks on the other side of the planet until he gets the first scratch and then, like all semi-new car owners, he falls back on the habit of parking as close to the office as possible. Anyway, he walks directly to the car and only slightly notices the two young men in an old Pontiac who, for some reason, parked way out there near the Expedition. Read the Atlanta Journal-Constitution article... Posted on Tuesday, February 24 Man Holds Police At Bay In Standoff The SWAT team was called to a Fairborn apartment after an upset man refused to come out. The standoff happened Monday night at the apartment complex, which is located near the intersection of Ohio and Second streets. Officers said while trying to sort out what was wrong with the 30-year-old man, they decided there was enough danger to neighbors and officers that the situation called for the SWAT team. Read the article... Posted on Tuesday, February 24 Trotwood House Damaged In Fire Firefighters in Trotwood spent the early-morning hours battling a house fire. The fire happened in the 5100 block of Denlinger Road. Fire officials said the residents woke up to the sound of their smoke detectors going off. The residents said they smelled smoke in the house and called 911. Read the article... Posted on Tuesday, February 24 Electricity Restored To Fire-Damaged Ohio College Electricity and a fiber-optic network have been restored to a fire-damaged college in Ohio, and classes are likely to resume Thursday. Faculty and staff reported to work Monday at Lorain County Community College west of Cleveland. Crews spent the weekend working to repair damage caused by last week's fire, which started in a hallway underneath the school's business building, sending smoke through tunnels and hallways connecting other buildings on campus. Read the article... Posted on Tuesday, February 24 CopCAST Episode 111 - Hiding In Havana This week the CopCAST crew is running a little light. No Morgan hasn't lost any weight. Mack is in Cuba smoking cigars and sipping rum with Fidel so Rich and Morgan have to carry the torch. This week a Canadian woman went looking for love in all the wrong places and got screwed by the Nigerians. Two border patrol agents are released from the big house. Is that guy a thief? It depends. Don't you hate when people lose their balls? Male enhancement but at what price? An Oregon man has developed new custom trousers. Bloomington cops really love doughnuts now! Police intelligence - who knew? Read more and listen to the CopCast podcast... Posted on Sunday, February 22 Radio Traffic Admin: Shoutbox for radio traffic only hoser: Copying what sounds to be a pursuit Putnam Co Anyone?? Mar 04, 8:49 pm pyrman: 70w/b-ONLY 1 pin!!! Mar 04, 5:51 pm ohiobwb: mvc wb 70@315 van vs semi multil pts entrapment 8ems on col feed Mar 04, 5:45 pm dth1958: mutual aid requested wakeman and amhearst Mar 03, 11:53 am dth1958: huron co wsf restruant st rt 113 florence and berlin heights responding Mar 03, 11:51 am frfire101: Uniopolis Fire Auglaize Co. House Fire. Mutual aid from St. Johns, Wayne Twsp., and Cridersville FD Mar 03, 9:21 am truck2799: MABAS 1411 1st alarm involves eastlake w/ truck, Willoughby Hills w/ eng, Kirtland w/ Squad, Mentor w/ air1, Willowick w/squad to sta.2, and Mentor o/t Lake w/ eng to sta 2. Mar 02, 10:45 pm coastermatt: MABAS BOX 1411 1st alm activated. fire knocked down. Overhaul now Mar 02, 10:31 pm jpryor: TOLEDO FD HAS SEVERAL WORKING FIRES IN PROGRESS, MULTIPLE COUNTY FDS BEING REQUESTED FOR FILL INS Mar 02, 10:20 pm 05jcook: nice page.. im going Mar 02, 10:00 pm Shout Box © History The audio recordings on this site are released under a Creative Commons License. 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