Writing off debt

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How is it that the NEORSD or any public entity can "write off" bad debt? 


Just wondering who exactly are these folks? Are the MAJOR outstanding bills due to companies, LLCs, or just mom and pop households? 

"Many of these are foreclosures," said Demmerle. "It's the second biggest amount," she said, comprising about 18 percent of the uncollectible accounts


But about half the problem accounts belong to people who simply walked away from paying their final bills when they moved.  (And the NEORSD does not have expensive legal counsel to pursue these bills???)

Let me tell you something:

Senior residents in my neighborhood have to decide whether they can afford the water or the sewer bill, and when they don't pay the sewer bill, then that lien appears on their property tax bill and the first installment of those bills are due on January 25th...hey NEORSD, can these folks get a break???  Here's a snap shot of a family I know well--both seniors, speak English as a second language, disabled--with NO mortgage on their home:

C170100E-NEORSD (DELQ SEWER) 1st half tax 573.53 0.00 573.53
  1ST HALF BALANCE 573.53 0.00 573.53
  2nd half tax 573.53 0.00 573.53
  2ND HALF BALANCE 573.53 0.00 573.53
TOTAL BALANCE   7,206.69 1,071.55 6,135.14


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I think this needs phrased another way..."Due to our incompetence at collecting money, we are passing the bad debt to our good customers."


That is the reality.


 2023 reporting: https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/investigations/cleveland-water-keeps-losing-in-court-but-doesnt-stop-citys-questionable-spending-property-liens-shutoffs

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Writing off DEBT for rich folk ...LAND BANK!!!

....hmmm Lou Frangos and Gus Frangos can't seem to pay their taxes, either...LAND BANK!



"Due to our incompetence at collecting money, we are passing the bad debt to our good customers."


And, guess what! New tool in the tool bag--secret NST (Neighborhood Stabilization Team) database that allows CDCs to control information on properties primarily to help clear title on properties for addition to LAND BANK!

11watchdogs November 13, 2011 at 8:26AM


The collection of property taxes is the one of the duties of the County Treasurer not the Auditor. So why didn't Rokakis go after these back taxes? Could it be that these people were his buddies? Frangos? County Landbank?

rpuck1111111 November 13, 2011 at 9:15AM



exactly......Rokakis is like Mason.....corrupt or incompetent?

Cuyahoga Avenger November 13, 2011 at 1:39PM


Exactly -- where are the non-denial denials from former county treasurer Rokakis in this story?

To whom did former county treasurer Rokakis grant tax "leniency" and why?

And where's the list of property owners who've owed county property taxes for the LONGEST periods of time? Who are the top 10 property owners who've been in arrears for YEARS? Who are they and why didn't Rokakis take appropriate actions?

I know there's no such concept as "accountability" in Cuyahoogie County. But Rokakis was in charge and owes an explanation to the dwindling number of productive and responsible citizens who've footed the bills and fiscally enabled misfeasance and malfeasance in county government.

Obviously it's not politically correct to call the saintly Rokakis into question. That goes against the Official Narrative and any scrutiny of Rokakis is trumped by yelling "Land Bank!!!" (whatever the heck that's supposed to be).

But the sordid details regarding these millions of dollars in delinquent property tax bills are a definite symptom of government corruption and would would tell some interesting new tales to which county residents are entitled.

Water Woes - City of Cleveland lacks accountability

Cleveland water department's shameful and costly omissions with billing contract: editorial



How many bad water bills does the City of Cleveland "forgive" ?? ~ NEORSD wiped out debt in 2012 http://blog.cleveland.com/metro/2012/01/regional_sewer_district_writes.html

Kill the Water Bill

Please see information collected at this site:

http://www.killthewaterbill.com/  (this site was posted in 2012 - no longer on line-see  archive http://web.archive.org/web/20130129224515/http://www.killthewaterbill.com/

Thanks to Tom Kelly for this website and his efforts to promote accountability.

Structure of NEORSD is much like structure of Land Bank--intentionally designed to prevent accountability:
http://realneo.us/content/does-gus-frangos-president-land-bank-deserve-b... (note: this post was deleted)

Archived link:



Cuyahoga Land Bank " Abuse of Discretion " deprived due process

According to a successful appeal, Cuyahoga County Land Bank officials got their hands caught in the cookie jar.


The Cuyahoga County Land Bank foreclosed on a business property valued at nearly $900,000 for delinquent property taxes in the amount of $ 37,889.90.

County Land Bank employees successfully foreclosed on the property and transferred the deed to the county land bank in preparation to cleanse the property of all liens - water, sewer, delinquent taxes, mortgages, etc.

Pretty good gig to get a property valued at nearly $900,000 for less than $40,000 owed in delinquent property taxes. 


I wonder whom the land bank officials had in mind to give this property to since the property went straight to the land bank without a sheriff foreclosure sale.

No right to redemption. No due process.

Louis Frangos- brother of Land Bank President Gus Frangos- owes more than this amount in delinquent property taxes and has yet to be land banked.

And Gus Frangos - President of the County Land Bank - appears to have his own issues paying property taxes. Will Gus Frangos land bank himself?


The mortgage holder appealed the land grab and the county land bank had to transfer the deed back to the original owner.


In the successful appeal, the appellate judge blasted the Cuyahoga County Land Bank, as quoted below:

" This void means that board proceedings are not conducted under any consistent, identifiable rules. The absence of any standard procedures leaves the board with unlimited discretion, and that can lead to unfairness because the parties have no idea what they need to do to vindicate their rights.  As a result, the board abused its discretion by ordering a remedy not prayed for in the only pleading allowed under its minimal procedural rules.


These were abuses of the board’s discretion and deprived the appellants of due process. "




 ** This case is an important victory to victims of the Cuyahoga County Land Bank.   If you find yourself victimized by the county's land bank, read the above appellate decision in its entirety to discover numerous issues with the legal process in the county's land bank.  **










Sickening...More Safeguard Hocus Pocus

Safeguard Properties expects to add 300 jobs with help of state tax credits

8:00 am, September 25, 2012


Safeguard Properties LLC, a provider of property preservation services and reporting on foreclosed properties for banks and mortgage companies, on Monday received state approvals for tax credits for the addition of a total of 300 jobs in Brooklyn Heights, Mentor and Valley View.


Safeguard told the state it expects to create 250 full-time positions in Cuyahoga County that would add almost $8 million to its annual payroll. The Ohio Tax Credit Authority approved a seven-year, 55% Job Creation Tax Credit for the company, Gov. John Kasich's office announced.

The state said Safeguard will add the jobs in Valley View and Brooklyn Heights, the suburbs where the company's current and prior headquarters, respectively, are located.

The state also approved a seven-year Job Creation Tax Credit for 55% of the state income tax paid by adding 50 full-time employees and $1.5 million in annual payroll in Mentor. Safeguard already has an operation at 8100 Tyler Blvd.

Diane Roman Fusco, Safeguard's director of public relations, declined comment on the company's plans.

PD editors want NEORSD slush fund to continue



Only the little people pay fees....


How is it that the NEORSD or any public entity can "write off" bad debt? 


Just wondering who exactly are these folks? Are the MAJOR outstanding bills due to companies, LLCs, or just mom and pop households? 

"Many of these are foreclosures," said Demmerle. "It's the second biggest amount," she said, comprising about 18 percent of the uncollectible accounts

Water ... $$$ down the drain


Comment archived:

The  Utilities Committee is responsible for all matters related to Cleveland's water supply, sewage disposal, the municipal electrical light plant, telecommunications, public utility rates, railway and railroad operations, and the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. This committee handles all issues pertaining to the city's Department of Public Utilities.

Chair: Terrell H. Pruitt 

Vice Chair: Dona Brady

Members: Tony Brancatelli

Brian Cummins

Martin J. Keane Mamie Mitchell

Michael Polensek

Did this group of elected officials make the decision to not pursue any remedy to the debacle or are they just window dressing? Since the rate hike in Cleveland is by now 82%, how have they managed constituents impoverished by the increase? More social services to plug the gap? Foodbanks? 

Remember this:http://www.cleveland.com/cityhall/index.ssf/2014/09/cleveland_water_department_fut.html

Will the Utilities Committee and Council continue to rubber stamp Jackson's rate hikes with no audit of the past debacles? They must be aware that via Cleveland Water, they not only represent the constituents in their wards, but many more ratepayers and water users throughout the region. 


Instead of opining, it would be helpful if the sad sad PeeDee (who is admittedly crippled by it's owner corporation (Newhouse) and has only a shadow of a newsroom left) would dog the city to uncover what the real agenda is here. Is Jackson flirting with privatization? Does money slosh over into other funds?

What are the real statistics? How many water mains have been repaired, how many mains replaced, how many water shut-offs? How many billing debacles resolved? Are we Detroit yet?

George Forbes in 1984

CLE - Cuyahoga County stop Landlords renting w/unpaid taxes


B&H does not govern past due taxes or delinquent water bills. 


As for how many people, if everyone is in the same family, there is no limit.  How is family defined in Cleveland Codified Ordinance? 

§ 363.06  Family

   “Family” means one (1) or more persons related by blood, adoption or marriage, or a family foster home, living and cooking together as a single housekeeping unit, exclusive of house-hold servants. A number of persons, but not exceeding three (3) living and cooking together as a single housekeeping unit though not related by blood, adoption or marriage shall be deemed to constitute a family. A family foster home shall mean a family related by blood, adoption or marriage as defined above with no more than five (5) foster children.


So essentially, no limit on a family, which is loosely defined.  It is hard to prove as far as enforcement.  For example, that is my cousin, we are related by marriage…….that is family.


If you have people that are not related by blood, adoption, or marriage, it is 3 per dwelling unit.


If it is a foster home, all of the “family” can live there in addition to no more than 5 foster children.




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