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Submitted by Betsey Merkel on Sat, 02/02/2008 - 15:23.

Smaller Indiana and REALNEO please meet each other!

I would like to introduce the REALNEO  network to Smaller Indiana, an online community based in Indianapolis with a state wide reach. Smaller Indiana connects creative indeas and was recently begun by Pat Coyle, and is growing to 600 members!

...Smaller Indiana makes creative people and innovative ideas easier to find. This is the place for you to share your ideas and engage with Indiana's most creative and inspired souls...working together to build community,culture and commerce....

REALNEO is an open, free social network of people interested in arts and culture, economy, education, environment, health and technology with a focus on North East Ohio - NEO - but are global in membership and perspectives. Everyone can enjoy the content and is free to set up an account and join the community. Read the Smaller Indiana introduction...

What stories can Smaller Indiana and REALNEO share? How can we build open networks of collaboration?

I invite you to begin by sharing your questions, ideas, and knowledge with us at next week's Midtown Brews Open Conversation. Our host, Insivia, has coordintated a live video broadcast and chat. Thursday's conversation will focus on Ohio's Energy Portfolio and what that should look like.

We would like to know what you think. After all, no one can do it alone anymore.

I hope your voice is heard. Our conversation starts Thurs, Feb 7, 6:00PM - 7:00PM (EST)

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Thanks Betsey

I went to the Smaller Indiana site and looked around a little.

I saw that they have a "Greener Indiana" group, and I thought I would try to post something over there in the next couple of days, by way of introducing myself.

Thanks for linking us up, and encouraging us to visit.


We can all meet next Thursday...


Pat Coyle and Kyle Lacey - -
are organizing an Indiana Midtown Brews group to huddle 'round a laptop to participate in the discussion.

It would be good to connect with the folks there and send a hello ahead of time if you'll be old friends by Thursday.


REALNEO and Smaller Indiana: Leading a Midtown Brews Together?


Would there be interest by these two networks - REALNEO and Smaller Indiana - in leading a Midtown Brews forum together?

Who could contribute to the conversation?

What would be important to address?

Would this be valuable?


REALNEO + Smaller Indiana Brewing Together?



I don't know where this might/could/should go, as the dog ate those pages in my networking owners guide (appropriate cartoon link). 

I guess I wonder if there are people over in the Smaller Indiana network that might want to have either one of their folks come present here at a 'Brews, or better yet, have a 'Brews type gathering/meeting there, say on the third Thursday of the month, that we could hook into, as they will be hooking into this Thursday's brews. . That way, there might be the potential for multiple networking conversations, every 2 weeks or so....

Linking and Leveraging the Networks!


Yes. This is our opportunity. Why not inquire with Smaller Indiana for interest level?

Anyone for feedback?: Would there be interest in connecting networked communities through Midtown Brews online and F2F participation?

The Angel House in Strongsville would like to lead a Midtown Brews forum. Chris Reynolds wants to expand his knowledge of people doing (Strategic Doing!) the actual work on homes in aspects of heating, cooling, shingles, etc.

Do you have receommendations?

Is this a way Midtown Brews can support Chris's inquiry?

Nice to explore real Indiana

Nice portal - haven't seen Ning before... very similar to Tribe, which is one of my favorite portals ever. I look forward to learning more about how your network grows... see you around the brews

Visit Smaller Indiana

Disrupt IT

Thanks Norm, but I am just

Thanks Norm, but I am just the spanner here ;)

Smaller Indiana network needs to know about the awesome history of and very cool work of the REALNEO network, and of the many other networks here in NEO.

I believe our opportunity is to encourage boundariless information exchange and mentoring.

How can we accelerate this process today, tomorrow?