Justine's upcoming "accomplishment".

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Justine's BFF

 I was talking to an acquaintance today. A real city worker not a FOJ with a 6 figure made up job. Like Bradford Davy who has been able to move to a big shiny $335,000 house at 6106 Bridge his VERY FIRST HOME as an owner because of his new job and special relationship with Justine. No starter home for Bradford D, although his mortgage is $323, 495, barely a 3% down payment. But that's cool because he's really special and Fairway Mortgage, whatever THAT is, TOTALLY understands that. The city workers do not have a contract and Justine is not bargaining in good faith. Or at all really. For example he was supposed to meet with the garbage workers at the warehouse but he didn't show. He had a fabulous party to attend on the West Side somewhere. Mike White, who has a major influence on the "mayor" through all the developers that are benefitting from this free for all, is pulling Justine's strings. A close friend who lives on the EAST side off Kinsman told me she was at a Christmas Party where the "mayor" dropped in with several of his handlers, looked very nervous and left quickly, it was clear to her and all her girlsfriends who work in low income housing that he doesn't know what he is doing. 

So while Petey Bootigieg's BFF is celebrating his "accomplishments', just like our totally embarassing Secretary of Trans, under the radar a very angry union is preparing to strike and SHUT CLEVELAND DOWN

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45% of transfers on EAST side to out of state "investors"

More accomplishments of this "mayor'. Who is ALL ABOUT equity. And housing justice. Or is it climate justice? Or health justice which means the poison shot. Well ANYWAY, according to the Plain Press who covered the Ohio Fair Lending and Vital Communities Conference, 45% of property transfers on the almost totally Black east side were to out of state buyers". How cool is THAT! People moving from other states to Cleveland right? NOT. It's slum landlords from afar paying cash and making it impossible for local BLACK buyers to compete. Meanwhile 80% of property sales on the mostly white West side have mortgages. Like Fairway Home Lending that Bradford D tapped into.

Is it too early

For the R word. Maybe after Cleveland is paralyzed by a strike.......

Plain Press article


 Frank Ford, Senior Policy Advisor, Fair Housing Center for Rights and Advisor with Vacant and Abandoned Property Action Council (VAPAC), presented the preliminary findings of a mortgage lending analysis in Cuyahoga County during the 33rd Annual Ohio Fair Lending and Vital Communities Conference. In a six-year review of home purchases and home repair lending by seven leading banks, 46 percent of all home purchases on the Black-majority east side were made by investor buyers from outside of Cleveland.

     “Investors buy homes for rental purposes. It leads to a decrease in homeownership for the rest of the population,” said Ford. “This happens more disproportionally in Black communities with a greater impact on African Americans.”

     Home improvement loans are given to white homeowners twice as often as Black homeowners, even given the same income level. Ford compared home sales in 2021 to loans and found more than 4,000 sales with only 900 mortgages. With a medium sale price of $45,000 on the Eastside, buyers are paying cash. In the outer suburbs, which are predominantly white, 80 percent of home sales came with a loan.

     “It is a missed opportunity for homeownership in the city because the price is affordable,” he said. “And the research shows that as African American population increases, their ability to access home repair loans decreases.”

AND this: 

    James Boyle and Mary Boyle, a former Cuyahoga County Commissioner, are tenants at 12701 Shaker Boulevard, a multi-story apartment building with severe mechanical and structural issues, resulting in residents living without heat during the winter of 2021-22. AMG Management from New York City, reportedly owners of the building, also own two additional properties at 12500 Shaker Boulevard and 12600 Shaker Boulevard.

     “None of the apartments had heat last year. Most have heat this year, but not everyone. I had black mold in my apartment,” said James Boyle. “The owners have gone to extraordinary lengths not to be identified by us,”

     The current owners took over the property in January 2022. They plan to make cosmetic changes to increase the occupancy rate and rent, reported James, then sell it at a profit.

     “They bought the property very cheaply and want the new owners to take care of the major repairs,” he said. “We had a property manager and three maintenance people. The owners fired two of them, and now we have one maintenance person for three buildings. Packages from FedEx and UPS have piled up for four or five weeks without letting us know. Thefts and vandalism have increased. We have no security.”