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Cleveland LOVES their galas


Thank you Scott Noll at WEWS!!  Please make this story go VIRAL! Where is Marcia Fudge? Shontel Brown?  Answers? 

Blaine and Council want to up their campaign funding

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Open Letter to Cleveland City Council on Ordinance No. 615-2024

June 2, 2024

Dear Council:

We write in opposition to Ordinance No. 61502924 – a measure that would double the allowable contributions to council members from individuals and PACs during a calendar year. 

Our opposition is twofold.

First, the rush to pass this measure undermines public trust. This measure was introduced on Thursday, May 30th and scheduled for passage on Monday, June 3rd. At the point of its introduction, not all Council members were even aware of the legislation. The secretiveness and haste of this rich donor ordinance give off a stench that further fouls the air of Cleveland politics.

A measure that increases the influence of big donors deserves the light of day – a process that is transparent and seeks to bolster public trust in our governing institutions. Let’s be candid: What rational person believes that we have too little big donor money in politics? City council is the last bastion of true grassroots politics in this country where door-to-door and neighbor to neighbor conversations should be more powerful than money. 

Second, this measure should not be a priority for Council to pass right before summer break at a time when both our city and democracy face unprecedented challenges. This ordinance is not designed to amplify the voices of residents. Afterall, the median household income for a Clevelander as of 2022 is only $37,271.

This ordinance is only designed to pad the campaign coffers of sitting council members by increasing the power of the wealthy. This “further empower the donor class” measure leaves permitted mayoral contributions at the current levels – levels that were adopted in 2016 by Council. This measure leaves in place the Board of Zoning Appeals as the inexplicable enforcement body for campaign finance violations. 

This ordinance will further muffle the voices of low income residents and increase those of developers and a host of business interests.

We deserved better from our elected leaders.







Chris Ronanyne is no better :

Currently, the county’s Board of Control can only approve contracts and purchases up to $500,000. Anything over that amount requires council’s OK. But Ronayne recently introduced an amendment to the county’s code that would increase the spending threshold that can be approved without council to $1.5 million.