Greater Ohio briefs candidates

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 10/16/2006 - 15:16.

Want to know what Greater Ohio has been saying to gubernatorial and legislative candidates this election season? It's in the book - the Greater Ohio's briefing book for candidates, officially titled, "If Sprawl Meant Jobs, Ohio Would Have Full Employment: Policies for Redeveloping a Great State" (also available from Greater Ohio's home page).

This is the third edition of the GO's briefing book, but it's the first to benefit from graphic design and to be available online. (The first edition was published last winter, well before primary elections.) This edition also carries more graphs and tables. Because it's available online, candidates and their staffs can word-search for info on the issues they want to feature. quality

In addition to publishing the book, Greater Ohio has had numerous meetings with gubernatorial and legislative candidates and their staffs. Greater Ohio does not endorse candidates for political office and remains scrupulously nonpartisan. We want all candidates to be informed about the role of land use in the challenges that face Ohio and the policies that can make Ohio great again.

For a quick look at a longer list of policies that Greater Ohio supports, click here