Rest in peace, Salim Alsoliman, 54. Real NEO cares.

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 09/18/2006 - 17:09.

Around 3:30 AM last night, I went to visit the Edgewater Deli where, a few hours earlier, Salim Alsoliman, 54, was murdered. A home-grown bouquet of flowers memorialized the site - I added some mums from my garden, to express my sadness for the loss of a neighbor and champion of the region. While I was there, some shocked friends of Salim and the other shooting victim of this senseless crime pulled up - recent immigrants to Cleveland, it seemed, as were the victims, I believe... the details are still not available.

The victims' friends had heard about the murder from another friend - word travels quickly among friends. Two fine young gentlemen and a fine young lady, out in the middle of the night to show concern about their friends... they were horrified. We stood on the corner - me a white American and they immigrants to America from far away... I assume somewhere in the Middle East... - at 3:30 in the morning, talking about Salim and their other friend who works at the Edgewater.


We looked at the blood on the floor of the Edgewater Deli, and the signs of struggle within, and we wondered why he was killed. But these immigrants from afar, seeking the American Dream, did not cast stones at anyone - they were not filled with vindictiveness, rage or outrage, but sadness and horror. I feel rage - I want to know what happened... who did this and why they thought they were entitled to... and I want this to be remembered, memorialized and stopped.



I have a pretty good idea who to blame: regional media and leaders who acknowledge the only reason anyone in particular lives in Northeast Ohio is because Cleveland is such a powerful community and global asset, yet they abandoned Cleveland-proper and preach regionalism and promote sprawl... leaders and media who refuse to speak up about real problems in our community, like the toxic harms, lead poisoning, mental and substance abuse problems and poverty of crumbling urban-core centers like Cleveland... as they churn through millions of dollars and 100s of pages of newsprint and 100s of hours of talking head bullshit in Napoleon-Complex defense of their failing, well paid, sub-and-X-urban traitor friends. Like I said, I feel rage at the murders of Masumi Hayashi, and John Jackson, and A.. J. Schroeder, and Saleem Muqdady, and Allen T. Jones, and now Salim Alsoliman. No, I'm mad as hell, and I want to see change.


Here's the phone at the Edgewater Deli, probably last used to call the police to say "I've been shot" - pick up your phone, blog, comment here - speak out - and let everyone know you want change because of these murders. Not more police - not crime watches - not better education over the next 10 years... there are well paid professionals all over Cleveland and the region working hard on these things and more will do better with time. No, we need change in the dark corners of the NEO country clubs crafting strategy for Cleveland and the region. We need a realignment of priorities around bold commitment to the core of our region - Cleveland - in exclusion to all other concerns, outside and above and beyond the regional dialog.


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Better gun control laws.

How to stop some of the senseless death and violence? Better gun control laws would be a good start. That the person who shot Salim may have acquired his gun legally certainly exposes the sacrifices we make for having a society where almost anyone has the "right to bear arms".

Forget better gun control laws

There has been a debate for a long time about the issue of guns in America. 
I know there is no clear cut way to deal with this, however I fully support the use of weapons to defend yourself.  This could be a gun... however there are other alternative hand held devices that can stop even the largest individual.

Better gun control laws only make it harder for legitimate ownership.  The whole reason that crime is done so easily is simple - criminals break the laws that govern the land. So a gun control law is just one more to break.  The "scare tactic" used to put fear into a criminal about commiting a crime with a gun does not work.

Do I belive something needs to change, you bet!
Do I have all the answers? No I don't, but I am willing to help find them!

So what is the next step?

Norm - Salim Alsoliman RIP- very profound photography

These images are some of the most intense photographs that I have seen or exprerienced.   Realneo.

Norm Roulet - the best reporting on Realneo

 Citizen Journalism - yuk yuk is often the response.  No training. No credentials. No pay. 

Why would any citizen report have merit, worth, or impact?

Take a look at Norm's work.

This report is perhaps the best real time news report on Realneo.   

Something we all should strive to accomplish....