What's the future of the old Cleveland Psychiatric Institute?

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What's the story with the old Cleveland Psychiatric Institute?  When I worked at Metro and cruised the underground tunnels in the 1980s, one tunnel was always fenced off and guarded like some Victorian-era fortress. 

Now, that I view the buildings from the outside, from Riverside Cemetery, I have to confess some fondness for the old Alcazar with its red tiled roof.  Are conditions inside the building medieval?

What plans do Case and Metrohealth have for the old CPI?

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Hoover Pavilion (built in 1922)

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Do you have inside information?

  Does your dad know what's going to happen at Metro?  Really, it's not been a case of the best laid plans.  The Metrohealth buildings are a terrible, ugly jumble and now there are plans for another expanse of parking at the corner of Southpoint and West 25th.  I hate to criticize a major employer, but they could show a little more consideration for the neighborhood. 

Peter Whitehouse would know more...

Peter Whitehouse is up on how the medical scene fits together - I'll check with him... and will take some photos over there when I have a chance.

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It seems that everyday is a crusade to stop someone from destroying the fabric of our town. 

Not all buildings need to be saved, but how will our children understand the previous generation without some touchstone?  Communities have to proactively identify significant buildings and protect them from wanton destruction.

Man-made structures tell stories.  Unfortunately, I can't say that I am very impressed with the stories told by buildings that have been built in recent history or buildings that are currently proposed.

$11.3 million

If you haven't read this story--please do--you will need your library card and PIN number to access this story from Crain's Cleveland Business:

OneCommunity, local ERs work to offer instant records access--OneCommunity won an $11.3 million federal grant to connect about 20 rural hospitals to its fiber-optic network.



  I would hope that creating a fiber optic network between Metrohealth North and Metrohealth South would be a priority.  Pearl Rd. needs to be resurfaced. SEWERS and sidewalks need to be replaced.  This would be a win-win for everyone and the project no doubt qualifies for additional federal funds--as it is a "Scenic Byway."

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  Jeff S.--any posssibility of adding Save Our Land to the blogroll?  If viewers to this site haven't visited the blogroll for awhile...it is a worthwhile five minutes of your day.  It would be great to add as an RSS feed if possible.

Here's what you missed from Tim Ferris at Save our Land.

Cat is out of the bag

  So the new psychiatric institute goes in Midtown.  What happens to the old psychiatric institute?

Why not restore the existing building to a facility, which could easily accommodate 300 beds?

Metro is Demo'ing old Cleve Psychiatric


Metro is quietly deconstructing the old Cleveland Psychiatric Wing - a bit of history disappearing.