Does Mayor endorse the illegal use of your Tax Dollars????

Submitted by Rebecca Kempton on Sun, 09/06/2009 - 23:24.


Does Mayor endorse the illegal use of your Tax Dollars????
Joe Santiago has a ward office on Fulton Road it is paid for with funds from Santiago’s   city expense account. It is an extension of city hall.
The one thing it should never be used for is campaigning.
But of course that did not stop Councilman Joe Santiago from ignoring the revised code and using the ward office to campaign.
 This blatant disrespect for lawful campaigning is just another reason to replace Santiago.
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Joe illegal campaign use

Good shot, Rebecca. Usually on a weekend, for us regular constituents, this office has been locked up tight. You would think that Joe would have learned something by now and would not do this. When I went by yesterday, the campaign workers  were in and out of the office. It was clear to me that this is what the office was being used for.


You are so wrong we were not  if you would have opened up your messed up eyes you would have seen we had jackson shirts  on not  Santiago shirts.You can really stir up some sh__ .Buy  some real glasses in fact y dont you have your dear friend  cintron buy them since you ride around in the car with him on election day.Maybe hes more then a friend???????????

open your eyes

 You know, you are challenging me to go where I had not thought about going. Using the zoom capacity of my computer, I can see the number of Santiago shirts in addition to the Jackson shirts. Why do you put campaign tee shirts on children, stick them in public, then complain? I do not need zoom to see the campaign signs fixed to the official ward office sign or the windows. Why do you think that this is ok? The signs, the campaign, using the children then complaining?  You are wrong, you are angry that you got caught & you are angry that Santiago lost. My sympathy to you if you shut up now because you are just hanging yourself.


Sorry the office was not

Sorry the office was not open if you can see the door is closed and there is letters on it along with the address.The only time if any it was only open to use the bathroom and locked back up.So you see someones eyes are really bad and needs another pair of glasses. We are allowed to use the you see thats not what it was used for.You see rebecca he didn't win either so you can put a sock in it.Joe is still the man...................HA HA.........

Ward 14 any one but Santiago...

 And while we are at it---Vote KILO to give Jackson a run for his money...

 Greetings Team Kilo,

Robert wants to invite everyone from Team Kilo to S.E.R.V.E. Cleveland to come together Tuesday, September 8 to celebrate and wait for the election results to come in. We will gather at 7:00pm on the first floor of the Gilbert Building 3274 W. 58th Street Cleveland. Pizza, beverages and desserts will be served. For additional questions regarding tomorrows celebration please contact Kennyada Nash (216) 394-2021. A head count would help us plan appropriately so please let us know if you will attend by emailing teamkilo [at] servercleveland [dot] com" href=" [at] servercleveland [dot] com">teamkilo [at] servercleveland [dot] com.

Looking forward to celebrating together!
teamkilo [at] servecleveland [dot] com" href=" [at] servecleveland [dot] com">teamkilo [at] servecleveland [dot] com


dividing the Cintron base

 BTW, I don't know who you are, but in your fews hours here, you have made some charges and called names. Now you insinuate that the photographer is having a "relationship" with Cintron. I think that there is a concerted effort by recent joiners to trash Cintron and his base so to divide those that may now support Nagin.


so the office

was also used by the Jackson campaign. hmmm. My ward office that my tax dollars are used to pay rent, phone, supplies including toilet paper, was indeed used in by conducting of Jackson campaign activities as well as Santiago's. That is what you are saying? There were public portable toilets across the street for the festival but the office was open. I saw it, as well as others, and now you verify that. I am sure that there are some videos out there too.

i have a very big feeling

that jackson promised santiago a position in his next administrative term if he lost the primary...


just doesn't make sense why santiago really didn't care to go to the debates and such- giving a rather half-hearted attempt to win the primary, unless...


a) he knew he was toast and just stopped caring


b) knew he was toast but also knew he had a job offer somewhere in city government waiting for him regardless



Rebecca Kempton   WOW

Rebecca Kempton


WOW ---getting rewared for not doing a good job....

Yeah sounds about right for Cleveland politics.

more than a feeling...

 I thought I read this somewhere as a fact... 

Joe knew he was toast. You should have seen him at the Ward 14 safety festival. He was literally hiding in a chair under the tarp avoiding people.

I find it hard to conjure sympathy for a man so selfish and arrogant. 

My husband made a good point this morning - i wonder what tricks he'll pull in the next 4 months as apparently there is nothing that is beneath him to do...

Vote for Patmon if you don't

Vote for Patmon if you don't think Mayor Jackson is the right person for the job.  I was surprised that Mayor Jackson got so many votes.  The majority of people who actually got out to vote in this primary thought he was the best candidate.