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Submitted by Susan Miller on Sun, 04/06/2008 - 18:18.

Pina Bausch

There is someone we have not had the pleasure of seeing here in NEO, but her work has been seen on film here, and with the spring upon us, I happened on these excerpts...

The Rite of Spring - Pina Bausch (apologies in advance for the youtube poor quality sit back and watch in full screen)

Also be sure to watch this (the dailymotion video quality is poor - so sit back and view them in full screen) The Man I Love

Then there is this which you may have seen in film here in NEO - Cafe Mueller

the lyric is from Henry Purcell's Dido and Aeneas:

Thy hand, Belinda, darkness shades me, On thy bosom let me rest, More I would, but Death invades me; Death is now a welcome guest.When I am laid in earth, May my wrongs create No trouble in thy breast; Remember me, but ah! forget my fate.

It amazes me how much this choreographer reminds us of American dance pioneer Doris Humphrey. The architecture and the passion of the work is so clear.

 Doris Humphrey

Of course, at the time, there were four pioneers: Humphrey and her partner Charles Weidman, Martha Graham and Hanya Holm - the four worked together at Bennington College.

Hanya Holm

Holm was a German and had brought the style and teaching of Mary Wigman to the US.

Mary Wigman
With Pina Bausch we have enjoyed the renaissance of German dance. Considering how rooted in the German aesthetic American modern dance is, it seems curious that we have yet to see Pina Bausch in Cleveland. The company is in demand, however, and rarely travels to the US.  I'd pay a considerable sum to see them here someday. These are the living roots of our modern dance - ressurected in Germany.

(Clicking on both images will take you to a dance heritage site where you can learn more about our American dance heritage.)

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One of the cool things about the internet is that it looks backward.  

It isn't just the news today that people are interested in. 

No, what you posted in the middle of the night 3 years ago could become a key interest to the world, or Parma, next Tuesday.  That's when you will feel that someone appreciated your outlook, passion, and the energy you needed to post your report three years ago.

Today was the day when Susan Miller's post from August 8, 2008 really caught its stride.   Maybe dancer Pina Bausch is performing somewhere in the world today?  Maybe she died.  (Sadly,she did, as the Guardian reports) Most of the traffic came via Google Image searches from many European countries.

Whatever the reason for the traffic today, Ms. Miller's awareness and recognition - in advance of the throng - of the importance of Ms. Bausch is an asset to all of us at Realneo.

Lesson:  if you feel it is important to you, if you have a passion, Share It.   Report Sincerely - you are writing for the World (90%), not just Parma (10%).

You will be appreciated.



missing Pina Bausch

I have an empty space inside today as I think of German modern dance and the loss of Pina Bausch.

So in remembrance I share this rendition of Dido's Lament by Jessye Norman.

Now watch Pina Bausch's embodiment of the aria.

Oh, my god.... how art resonates and stays with one over the years.

Of these nearly 11,000 reads...

I'd guess 99% are from ourside NEO.

Wonderful analysis and perspectives Susan.

How about a new dance of the day?

Disrupt IT

Susan, thanks for updating links for Pina Brausch

IN MOTION Fabian Prioville and Azusa Seyama in PinaImage - Movie promotion poster

IN MOTION Fabian Prioville and Azusa Seyama in Pina

Phenomenal muscle in both dancers - makes it look like they are floating, weightless.   Very cool..






The New Yorker magazine recently had a very complimentary review of PINA, the memorial movie done by the Brausch troupe.    I haven't seen the movie yet, but I think that I will tomorrow!   And, as I say in the caption, thank you Susan for coming back to Realneo and updating the links which had gone dead.  Your report is one of the most popular on Realneo - clearly important content for many people.  best, Jeffb