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Ed Hauser introduced me to Whiskey Island a few years back, and since then I have taken a keen interest in this part of Cleveland.  So today I thought I would check up on the new bridge which the County promised - to replace the former one lane bridge which was located next to the rail road tracks just before you get to the Whiskey Island Marina and Wendy Park. 


The old bridge has been demolished, and the concrete for the abutments of the new bridge was being placed as I arrived this afternoon. 


I remembered from last Fall that the construction plans called for a four foot wide pedestrian walkway (during the construction) and lo and behold, there was a four foot wide walkway right up against the rail road tracks. 


Although the exposed vertical rebar violated every OSHA reg I know, the all white work crew (and speechless Cuyahoga County inspector - without hard hat, gloves, safety glasses or responsive civic attitude - on the right) seemed in good spirits and seemed to be taking a positive interest in their work. There was one woman under those winter CarHarts.


I spoke with Tim from the Marina who told me that the job was slightly ahead of schedule, and that the tag was for 2.3 million.  That seems on the high side to me. 


Why did the County commit to this bridge upgrade - not that I have a problem with it, I am just curious.  Is there some advantage/advancement for the iron ore pellet trains? Or is this simply a county road improvement for more convenient access to Wendy Park?


More to come about those busy beavers….

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Great investigative journalism

Thanks for questioning everything about this situation, Jeff, as there is no basis for trust of regional, county or Cleveland leaders, planners, architects, or mainstream media, so citizens must investigate how elected officials spend tax dollars and who they hire to do work, and the poor quality of work that results, and the waste of dollars seemingly always involved, and the corruption allowing all this, all the way to the executive suites of the newspaper that is supposed to serve the interests of the public here, but rarely does.

We all need to keep a careful eye on Whiskey Island - I look forward to your continuing coverage of this story for the region.

So, who in NEO are journalists and who are talking heads paid for public relations and advertising services?

Jeff, when are you planning to explain to REALNEO readers who a Cuyahoga County jury decided is a journalist in NEO, while proving who are some corrupt and lawless villains in our government, not reported in the mainstream? Time for all people here to question everything, including the actions of all those paid to protect and serve the public!

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