Queen B is BAAAACK

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Instead of continuing with her fabulous "consulting" business (how IS that whole Shaker Square upgrade thing going by the way) and spending the winter months on the Cote D'azur with her retired husband Mr. B, the Queen has decided to take on a NEW challenge. Not that she needs the job mind you as told her best friend. She's rolling in money. The Queen of Tax Payer funded "non" profits AND as Crain's calls her "a veteran executive in Cleveland government" is taking on a job that really seems BENEATH her, a job that would have been much MORE appropriate for the Queen 30 years ago when she was a bright eyed graduate of Harvard Medical School or Yale Law school or wherever it was she went with her whole future in government "service" ahead of her. But the former CEO of CMHA and failed candidate for Cuyahoga County Executive DID learn ALL about Economic Development from former pharma kingpin and CURRENT shadow mayor Michael R White. So ACTUALLY it does make perfect sense for the Queen to take over the whole 15 minute city game in the fading but potential filled St. Clair Superior neighborhood. So MANY vacant lots and land bank owned parcels ripe for "development". And what BETTER place to start with the demos and handouts to eager developers or as they prefer to be known, Friends of Mike and Justine, than E 74. The security cameras and high fencing will soon follow, enclosing the hastily constructed multiple 20 story housing projects where facial recognition and monthly quackzenes will be MANDATORY for ALL residents/prisoners. E. 74 is currently home to a FORMER St. Clair Superior money laundering operation, a 37 unit residential complex filled with broken windows and overloaded historic knob and tube electric circuits which covers several city blocks between E. 74th and E 76th. The Hodge Skool Lofts ALSO boasts a thriving chop shop full of Kias with broken driver's side windows and classic cars with no license plates. PLUS a secure dock for boats! The lake is nearby!

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Justine's department of building and housing has conveniently AND VERY SUSPICIOUSLY chosen to ignore the mountain of building violations on the property. 

And weirdly elected NOT to level ANY citations against the mysterious OUT OF STATE OWNER who purchased the crumbling fire trap in 2016.   This is a property crying out for one of the new "jobs" "created" by Justine's administration. It is the PERFECT opportunity for someone to become the Local Agent in Charge who then can PERSONALLY be fined for ALL VIOLATIONS. An ideal opportunity for a Cleveland resident who is looking to file bankruptcy. Applications can be sent to Occupant, PO Box 271, Claremont California 91711. Half of the parcels along the EAST side of E. 74 between St. Clair and The Hodge have ALREADY been conveniently taken over by the Cuyahoga County Land bank and quietly transferred to the Cleveland Land Bank. And the Care Alliance Urgent "Care" which WAS going to take over the former Family Dollar has been halted mid construction for reasons unknown. 


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Justine and the (other) Queen

....seek to repurpose a PREVIOUS St. Clair Superior disaster into a carless concentration camp 15 minute city for Justine to earn points with his special friend in Washington Petey Bootyboy. Cleveland's WORST EVER Mayor and the WORST pathetically incompetent transportation secretary ever. Justine and Petey have SOOOOOO much in common. Cleveland is one of the most dangerous cities in the country and rather than address escalating crime and too few police officers, Justine plans to build a theme park downtown and take tax revenue away from struggling neighborhoods. And reward his donors, the "developers". Someone was shot and killed last week in broad daylight in public square. FYI. EVEN the Browns are leaving to Justine's glee. Who is going to pay to implode the stadium? The federal government?????AND under Petey's watch, pieces of airplanes are falling off, planes are crashing into cars, pilots are having medical emergencies mid flight AND now a big commercial ship in Baltimore weirdly lost power and crashed into the FRANCIS SCOTT KEY (no accident) bridge and eliminated a MAJOR commercial route for years, which will lead to even more inflation. And Petey, like Justine is ignoring the REAL problems under their watch that are their ACTUAL responsibilities and instead concentrating on taking guns away from LEGAL gun owners and demading abortion up until and after birth.

FAMICOS vs St Clair Superior

Terry Hamilton Brown brought in to steer the out-of-control CDC known as St Clair Superior.  Heavy hitters like Mike White on their board and they can't retain a director let alone 
structure programming to support the neighborhood. 

 The Ratners must be pissed.  I know Gus Frangos is hoppin' mad.  He's had shady interests in the neighborhood since Quinn Court.  


Cleveland Neighborhood Progress will invest $2 million across more than a dozen community development corporations (CDCs) for the 2025 fiscal year, according to a Tuesday, April 2 announcement.

In total, 17 neighborhood-based, qualified CDCs will receive from $40,000 to $165,000 from CNP, which serves as the city’s community development funding intermediary


The CNP grants broken down by recipient are:

• Burten, Bell, Carr Development Inc. - $165,000

• Campus District - $40,000

• Famicos Foundation - $125,000

• Harvard Community Services Center - $130,000

• Jefferson-Puritas West Park CDC - $165,000

• Little Italy Redevelopment - $105,000

• Metro West Community Development - $131,328

• MidTown Cleveland Inc. - $90,000

• Northwest Neighborhoods CDC - $126,250

• Ohio City Inc. - $77,000

• Old Brooklyn Community Development Corp. - $152,096

• Slavic Village Development - $120,000

• St. Clair Superior Development Corp. - $165,000

• Tremont West Development Corp. - $97,000

• Union Miles Development Corp. - $125,000

• University Circle Inc. - $90,000

• West Park Kamm’s Neighborhood Development - $120,000

The grants will be paid out during the fiscal year 2025, which runs from July 1, 2024 - June 30, 2025. 





PREVIOUS DIRECTOR Jeremy Taylor was driven out

Justine and the real mayor Michael R White drove out the honorable decent non corrupt young black man who actually LIVES in the neighborhood where he bought a house. He was not handed a house by the Land Bank or CHN Crime Partners. He bought it legitimately from an actual person for $84,000. He's NOT corrupt so the shadow Mayor forced him out. And put in his controllable assest to carry out HIS developers interests. Jeremy lives in St. Clair Superior NOT on an alpaca farm somewhere in the hinterlands or in the SUPER EXCLUSIVE Morelands. Not everyone is a criminal but those that are honest decent people are DESTROYED by the criminal Democrats that run this collapsing city.

Jeremy Taylor and Tessa Jackson

 Need to expose the corruption behind NPI and the big players in NEO.  Only Eric J. Brewer has reported on supercharlatan Tania Menesse and he is treated like a pariah. He is still at East Cleveland as clerk of council - much to the dismay of Brandon "LandBank" King.