Summer in NYC - Mayhem just under the surface...

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 06/30/2013 - 10:26.
Summer in NYC - Mayhem just under the surface...


The car toll on the Whitestone Bridge in New York City is $7.50 in both directions.    And you have to wait in long lines of traffic for the opportunity to pay cash.   

The sun beats down and your car gets really, really hot.

And little things begin to become huge things...the car on the left won't let you in front of them and your lane is filled with a vacuum truck...


The guy on the right is attempting to push his ride into the little gap behind the dark van.    Like a cowboy cutting cattle...pointing - pointing - pointing where he wants to go.    Not unreasonable it seemed to me. 

But the cattle is stubborn...some yelling going on now...I can hear it...

cattle don't like to be prodded.   Especially hot adult cattle.

Adults.   Heat.  Lot's of heat.  $7.50 Cash.   Waiting.   Waiting.  Plenty of horsepower under the hood.  Cooking with gasoline. One space, just one space, but you can't get it in.   

Then sudden engine accelleration - whoa  - the vacuum lane car flies up ahead of the van and gets in line 3 cars ahead of the cattle car that wouldn't move.    Did himself proud!   Won the GAME!


When we get to the toll booth I ask the toll taker if there is a discount in consideration of the fact that we had to wait about 20 minutes to pay the toll.   

Didn't think it was funny.    She was hot too. 

$7.50 CASH


Massive subliminal, and not so subliminal, pressure surrounds everyone, every experience, in NYC and more or less in cities around the country.   Society in a pressure cooker.

I think the pressure has built up over the past few decades.    Lot's of little signs confirm society is unravelling.    

Park benches which have bars so you can't lay down on them.  Shopping cart lifestyle.   Fenced off places which used to be public places.  Driving becoming an experience where everyone is just on the edge of out-of-control.    One car length between vehicles - all traveling 65MPH.  Smash your beer bottles after youv'e drained 'em.   Mayhem is just one moment away.   Patience is a weakness.

We have been fighting the wrong wars.    We need to recognize the war zone right in front of our eyes.





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