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Tomatoes on the corner have recognition

 What a novel and effective advertizement for a merchant.   Red tomatoes displayed on a metal stand with arms at the corner of Mayfield and....( in Little Italy).

Is this display technique something which comes from Italy?  World travelers, give us some feedback please.  Comments are off, so you'll have to post to your blog!

Pavarini is Real, and Articulate

 Realneo has been involved heavily in local politics for years.  

You all know that posting on Realneo and keeping your scalp on can be challenging.

Pretty intense venue here on Realneo.

Mr. Pavarini has put his platform right up front here on Realneo - and even invited Mr Turner for a bike ride from Mr. Turner's home downtown to Mr. Turner's office.

Mr. Pavarini has clearly survived the "trial by fire" here on Realneo - and I respect Mr. Pavarini for his strength in placing himself willingly in the Realneo grinder.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, I strongly suggest that voters endorse their ballots for Cleveland Clerk of Courts - Phil Pavarini.  


Jeff Buster


Thanks Phil Pavarini and Lisa Stevens 4 your commitment

Very few people have the dedication and guts and commitment  (and imagination) to challenge the machine in Cleveland.  

Hat tip to Mr. Pavarini and Ms. Stevens!   

I have respect for those who go up against tough odds.    

Best to you both,

Jeff b


No Users Blocked, But Users have Gone

 Trying to administer this rag is bound to create disagreement.

One side demanded blocking the other side. 

The other side demanded content deletion. 

Both sides got down....

Really DOWN!

nO HOLDS BARRED.  Ugly.  Mutually. In spades. With zesto.

But when comments were cut off, and advancemnt to the homepage wasn't automatic, these adversaries began to lose interest in the fight.

At least that's how it seems.

That raises the question, in my mind, is the comment option a creative driver for those who are inclined to adversarial, combative, responses?

Is an adversarial response a signal to drive the creative juices of some bloggers?  No  fight, no fun.  Big fight, count me innnnn!

Nothing too scientific about this study, but




11% of Realneo's monthly traffic hit Get Your Section 8 Lottery

 11% of those clicking on REalneo this month do so to view a   report made by Angelward14 on August 13, 2011.    

If you know why there is interest in the housing lottering at the present time, and/or why the August report is drawing such traffic, please let Realneo know your thoughts.   



Comments to Authors open and allows Author to be comment editor

Over the last month or so Realneo has been exploring how the dynamics of Realneo change as the options on the home page change - with the objective of maximizing civility through the software as opposed to through Administrative involvement.  

Historically Realneo has had open comments to every report and the posted comments were immediately visible on the right hand column on the home page. 

The comment queue was the venue of choice for commercial spammers.  Almost no commercial spammer will take the time to post a report on Realneo - so with the comment option turned off there has been almost no spam posts - that is an improvement.    Civility seems to have improved as well. 

However, the comment option is actually still available to every user:   users have the option to click on the name of any author on Realneo and send that author an email through the Realneo server.   If any user cared to comment to the author, the author would become the defacto editor and could choose, or not choose, to edit and append the comment to their original post.   Sending comments by email directly to the author takes Realneo Admin out of the loop.








ZM - Pls confirm that your Realneo email is up to date.

Hey Zebra!

A Realneo user made an effort to communicate with you via your name/link on Realneo and the user's message was returned to Realneo Admin as un-deliverable.   

To check if your Realneo email address is current - click on "my account", then click the "edit" tab. 

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