Wacky weather sloppy seas & earth wobble Planet X cometh Part I video - Earth will flop over on its side - Last Weeks begin

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The Zetas of ZetaTalk have said that eventually the earth wobble will become so extreme that Earth will flop over on its side in a static lean to the left, a sign that the so-called “Last Weeks” have begun.

It's almost way past time to become acquainted with the why's and wherefore's of the so-called "Signs of the Times," like Planet X (Nibiru) and the earth wobble, not to mention the rapidly approaching Pole Shift, but lets give it a try.


Climate change. Don't think so because . . .

Climate change. Don't think so because . . .
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Planet X (Nibiru) caused Earth Wobble

Planet X (Nibiru) caused Earth Wobble

This piece begins a series of articles about the radical earth changes caused by Planet X (Nibiru) and its accompanying earth wobble, and the rapidly approaching Pole Shift. Signs of the times include increasingly violent and erratic weather and wildly sloshing seas around the world.


Why has Earth developed a wobble?

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, the cause of and connection between weather wobbles and sloshing seas is clear. There is a daily earth wobble caused by massive Planet X (Nibiru)'s powerful magnetic influence on little ole Planet Earth. And, the closer Planet X (Nibiru) comes to Earth, the more extreme the wobble becomes.

The Zetas of ZetaTalk have said that eventually the earth wobble will become so extreme that Earth will flop over on its side in a static lean to the left, a sign that the so-called “Last Weeks” have begun.

During the wobble, the magnetic Atlantic Rift skews to the west in the Northern Hemisphere and then to the east in the Southern Hemisphere (see animation video).

Using a compass and a strong magnet, a man named Howard from Silver Springs, Maryland, developed a way to visually represent the magnetic influence Planet X (Nibiru) has upon Earth. Howard suggests the following:

  1. Place the compass on a table top away from any metal objects.
  2. Orient the compass until the arrow is aligned with north.
  3. Position a magnet or other magnetic object on the table two feet away from the compass in the south direction.
  4. Slowly move the magnet toward the compass.
  5. Observe the compass needle as the magnet approaches the compass. It will move either west or east, depending upon polarity orientation of the object.
  6. If the north pole of the magnetic object is pointing at the compass, the needle will move to the west. Use this orientation to proceed.
  7. With the needle deflected to the west by the presence of the magnetic object, quickly pull the magnet away while observing the compass needle.

You will see that the compass needle swings back toward the east before returning to north. This is exactly what is happening to Earth.

As Planet X (Nibiru) increasingly points its north pole at earth, it causes Earth to wobble back and forth in an attempt to point its north pole toward Planet X (Nibiru)’s south pole. The closer Planet X (Nibiru) gets, the more violent the wobble becomes. Per the Zetas of ZetaTalk, this increasingly violent wobble creates atmospheric turbulence and erratic temperature gradients. Warm and cold air mix and manifest as violent and unseasonable weather conditions and patterns.

Look to the seas and the skies (when you can see them through the chemtrails) for sure signs of an intensifying earth wobble. Coast lines and ships at sea are being regularly assaulted by immense tides and massive waves that seemingly come out of nowhere, often capsizing vessels and swamping and sometimes killing unsuspecting beachgoers.

And last but not least, consider the sun and moon, which are frequently out of position in the sky, too far to the left or right, sometimes too high in the sky, sometimes too low. There have even been cases of the sun setting and then rising again long after it should be been below the horizon. READ: Earth wobble evident in Mexican sunsets, sky dark suddenly light then dark again

As always, believe what you will, but keep your eyes on the skies. The truth is there for you to see, that is, when it's not obscured by chemtrails.



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