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Built 40 years ago, according to the neighbors, only one of the two cooling towers has ever been put into use.  There appear to be two reactor vessel buildings (low dome roofs between cooling towers) also.   Again, the neighbors told me that the construction of the second cooling tower continued while permitting was being sought - and permitting for the second reactor never was obtained.  So the unused cooling tower is probably the largest monument to PPPP (poor prior planning involving a reference to the urinary tract) in the world.

Mr. Guinness, does this take the cake?

From what I've read, cooling towers like these evaporate about 33 million gallons of water per day - and of course that's why these generators are on the shores of our lakes and rivers. 


The neighbors have been schooled in evacuation plans – when the siren wails, always flee into the wind. 


In your golden years, relax on a bench.  Watch the sun going down; don’t worry about time or the half life.

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