Stopping the insanity at Dewey's Coffee, on Shaker Square

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 11/25/2007 - 21:41.

Dewey's Coffee Cell Phone Policy

Susan Miller had mentioned a strong statement on cell phone use at Dewey's Coffee House, on Shaker Square, in Cleveland, and I happened to be here tonight and saw this posted on their front counter... it is thought provoking, and Dewey's is an excellent place... latest Sunday night free wifi coffee house I know in this part of town (10 PM).

Anyone know any late night wifi hotspots... preferably not bars?

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thanks Norm

I don't know how late Phoenix on Lee is open for wifi...

I love this cell phone alert. I appreciate you getting there with your camera. I believe I saw it posted on the inside of the restroom door. Having been a server at a busy breakfast and lunch counter on Lee for 4 years, I wish our boss had let us post something like this. Dewey Forward knows the business better and the crew there is truely awesome. You can tell when people like their employment situation -- they are well compensated, offered flexibility in scheduling and an opportunity to be part of the place -- that's Dewey's on the Square for certain.


Did I mention the disconnect (?!)   Go to our McDonalds in the hood (which by the way, has free WiFi). 

The bilingual manager herds a bunch of grumbly, bilingual teenagers on the morning shift and forces them--yes forces them--to smile and say good morning to every customer.  Last week, I went in on my way to school and the diversity was mind boggling.  Good morning.  The kids were awake and smiling on their own by the time I left the place.