Arson at Heroin Hotel #11

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Arson at Heroin Hotel #11

On the afternoon of May 18, 2017, a TRAGIC fire broke out at Heroin Hotel #11 (formerly known as the Brooklyn Centre YMCA). TRAGIC for the Land Bank, EDEN and the Cleveland Housing Network because unfortunately little damage was done and therefore city of Cleveland tax dollars can't be used to demolish it. Several fire trucks swarmed the property and police cars diverted traffic during rush hour. REALLY though. HOW could this POSSIBLY have happened?  After all on March 2, 2017 Kathy Urban Monter HGIC of the fraudulent failing Cleveland Housing Network assured 19 members of Brooklyn Centre that the building and grounds were totally secure with state of the art fencing, locks and other high tech security. I mean just LOOK at the attached photo of rusty chain with not one, not two, BUT three padlocks hanging from the fence at the "entrance" on West 25th.Now THAT is very impressive and just screams KEEP OUT to the junkies living under the bridge nearby.  It does seem though THAT ball and chain on West 25 is strictly for show. Because if you wander along Selzer Avenue there is another gate that is held shut with a very thin wire that would be extremely easy to cut with say a pair of nail clippers. But if you forgot your manicure set and you were looking for an indoor spot to fire up your crack pipe or shoot heroin there is an inviting opening in the fence along the former factory recently purchased by Anthony Brancula's Land Bank for $250,000 with YOUR tax dollars. It has been added to the plans for Heroin Hotel #11 perhaps for an indoor swimming pool or weight room. Or maybe visitors suites to entertain friends and family. There is also an open back door ironically at the top of the fire escape, which now is conveniently propped open with a 2 X 4. The junkies are packed up and waiting in the parking lot to move right in. If you have ANY idea who perpetrated this atrocity, there is a number on the Arson signs. You could score a quick 2 grand! 

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CHN and Land Bank invite you !!

Here you go!!  Come visit the next Heroin Hotel that CLE "leaders" like Frank Jackson and Tony Brancatelli want to build NEXT to the number one family destination in Northeast Ohio - the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo!  Bring your kids and have a campfire in the building!! Arsonists encouraged.   Arson is not a bad thing - pimping is not  a bad thing.  Join our alternate reality!!! Cleveland ROCKS!!


Kate Monter describes the state of the art security at the Cuyahoga County Land Bank managed property :