Cleveland 3.0

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Cleveland 3.0
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Cleveland REBOOT? TYMichael Sallah (and Lucia Walinchus)

New mayor - how much will change?  Stay tuned. Control of Cleveland Public Power and Cleveland Water are not even being discussed - why not? Ugh Ratners...

Cleveland 3.0

Dear Mr. Sallah 
Happy New Year! 
Grateful for the PG analysis that is drawing more attention to racketeering operations that have plagued our region through Cleveland City Council and City Hall.
The crooks are like cockroaches here and keep getting away with the crimes.
(And it only gets worse - Mr. Brewer reported Satka story, too - extent of protection foreign con artists/crooks - Ratners set up Joe Cimperman at Global Cleveland which routinely violates Foreign Agent Registration Act many stories here)
And Thank YOU Lucia Walinchus - even through the article wite washes Gus Frangos and Steven Pontikos:
This is a great Christmas present -but the article gives kid glove treatment on Frangos and Pontikos. AND no mention of the $759K wited out or Pontikos' own delinquency on East Cleveland properties!  Why not?
In 2018, the Cuyahoga County Land Bank gave Coventry Park Apartments on Superior Road to Coventry Park Apartments, LLC, a company owned by Steven Pontikos, Gus Frangos’ nephew. Pontikos later sold it for $1.5 million. 

Mr. Pontikos’s company contacted the Land Bank and expressed interest in acquiring the properties through the Land Bank so that his company could renovate the properties and get them back into productive use.”