Fox8 pimps mansion at 5X average neighborhood sale price for Howard Hanna

Submitted by Tim Russo on Sat, 02/07/2009 - 20:43.

Cross posted at my blog. Does anyone know anything about this practice?  Does Howard Hanna pay for the Moss Man to tour unsold mansions?

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Paid real estate advertising for the rich and stupid

Real estate spends lots on all types of advertising and they pay for entire half-hours to have their video classified shows... and news segments have sponsors... I'm sure there is a change of money involved here.

Worse to me is the whole concept here... pimping lifestyles of the rich and stupid, by the rich and stupid, during a depression, to an audience of people worried about buying Happymeals for their kids.

It is amazing the WAY OVERPAID AND UNTALENTED local news media folks still don't get this "new rationalism" in a depression thing... they are so used to eating at Lola and with their CEO friends at "benefits" and driving their Benzs off to their estates in the Xurbs... to them, a $1.4 million house in Westlake is a bargain.

Disrupt IT

I have been trying to make

I have been trying to make that point for months.  Developers have moved into Tremont and they are literally trying to strangle the low income, poverty stricken, hard working long timers from this community.  There is practically nothing in an affordable range that anyone in those catagories can to participate in.

You go to a long range planning committee and the only thing that seems to be on the table for discussion is how to get another five star restaurant on Professor avenue.  Go to a Housing Committee Meeting and sit across from John Moss and Ron O'Leary and tell them to their faces that this is not the time to go after people who can't afford to worry about peeling paint - they're more worried about paying the mortage and keeping a home, and they just look at you and say something stupid like "well, uh, we have programs that they can apply for."  And makes you want to puke and make sure to nail those expensive brogans under the table. 

Right now I know families that are holding on so tight to that all american dream of a over priced beat up old house, a crooked fence, a gate with a broken hinge, car wth a two toned fender, but it gets the kids to school and mom to work, counting out pennies to get enough gas to to make one  more trip to work and back, shopping at the thrift store for the kid's new clothes, alternating paying utility bills so they don't get disconnected, eating mac and cheese three or four times a week, and on top of all that having to deal with the likes of a rich dude who got his house for free and sending out the housing inspector.  Tremont West was Created to help people - There's something not right with this picture.

I don't think that most people have ever read the Charter.

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