Ginmark demolitions paid out of Hardest Hit funds - Cuyahoga County Land Bank

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Ginmark demolitions paid out of Hardest Hit funds - Cuyahoga County Land Bank
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I haven't finished entering...crime in progress

I still have to enter all of the demolitions manually - despite fact that I asked County Land Bank for the information in an Excel spreadsheet format (which is allowable under Public Records Request law). So I will update this with final tally soon.

 I am analyzing the 111 page pdf of Cuyahoga County Land Bank demolitions and one of the contractors is Ginmark.  Is this the same Ginmark who owns the former Masonic Building on West 25th St?


Justice Dept CHARGES against City of CLE Demo Chief

“The charges disclosed today prove our continuing resolve to root out fraud and corruption in all forms, especially when the programs involved should have been used to help our neediest families,” said Brad Geary, Special Agent in Charge, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Inspector General. “It is our continuing core mission to work with our Federal law enforcement partners and the United States Attorney’s Office to protect the integrity of our housing programs and to take strong action against those who seek to personally benefit from taxpayer-funded grants.”


Public Corruption


Mike Tobin 216.622.3651 michael [dot] tobin [at] usdoj [dot] gov

Rufus Taylor is living in CMHA

With a massive TAX PAYER FUNDED city pension and hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes, somehow Rufus Taylor "qualifies" for a CMHA apartment at 1300 Crestline Apt. 421 Cleveland, 44109. He also owns 2 houses, one at 6118 Thackeray and another at 9810 Heath, a 2 family rental property on which he owes $16,439 in back taxes. The "mailing address" for the tax bill is 4915 E 11 44125 (which is a non existant address) but COULD be 4915 E 111 44125 which is owned by Kingdom International Enterprises LLC. Rufus Taylor, AKA Rufus Paschal AKA Rufus Ball might be looking forward to a stretch at Club Fed. His life has gotten TOTALLY out of control.

Hoping Mr. Taylor rolls on some of the big demo playas

It's about time.... for the real playas in the Cuyahoga County Land Bank demolition scheme to face the music.