Go Sansai 2! - Finding the Balance of Heaven, Earth and Mankind, by Bridging Time and Place

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 05/12/2010 - 23:02.

Last week, the world's largest vermicomposter under roof - Sansai Environmental Technologies - hosted an open house to showcase their products and technologies, and I stopped by with friends to see the action. While it was a treat to meet over 60 million worms, they are boring - walking through the former TRW plant where they live was more fascinating to me.

Sansai Environmental Technologies is located in one of the largest recycled industrial facilities in Cleveland - a 35 acre site with 17 acres of enclosed buildings - cleaned to perfection and now home to the most worms in any one building on Earth... where nature and technology combine to make Magic Dust. In former lifetimes, this facility was a secret defense plant for World War II bomb sights, a White motors truck plant, and for 50 years a TRW engine valve plant. I understand it was very dirty, before going green.

A great deal of fascinating business, high tech and industrial infrastructure remains from those heavy days.

As realNEO readers are always interested in seeing historical remnants of Cleveland's industrial past, I thought I'd share a few unusual views of the world's largest vermitechnology facility, from where the worms don't go.

Only the spirits of TRW walk these halls today. 

In the future, these will be corporate offices and research facilities of the expanding new economy, where future entrepreneurs will certainly set a very different corporate climate.

A previous posting on realNEO features photos of the corporate climate at Sansai on the factory floor, where machine tools once roared. Join the ICEarth welcome wagon and visit the Sansai worms here.

According to their website, Sansai (pronounced San-say) is a word from ancient Japanese culture that symbolizes the balance of heaven, earth and mankind. "Through vermicomposting, Sansai’s business utilizes the three powers in harmony with the environment and technology by diverting recoverable resources from landfill storage into Sansai's process for the creation of natural organic products that nourish the earth with rich contaminant free soil".

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