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The right MAN with a real plan to lead CLE

Our next Prez

“Transition” team for “change”!

For CHANGE! CLE can't wait for Tania MENESSE and.... WAIT FOR IT.... ERIC GORDON.  Amy. Acton. Jim Rokakis. Highlights of the change team. Let's start with ERIC GORDON.  What in the actual FUCK??!! Runs one of the bottom 3 districts in the state every single year. Every. Single. Year. With over $20,000 PER STUDENT the HIGHEST in the state. Half of Cleveland's school age kids don't even bother showing up for classes. And according to EJB Tania might be too busy with her legal team trying to stay out of prison for all her shady dealings at both CD and NPI. "Dr." Amy Acton our very own DR. Fauxi personally responsible for the destruction of the small business economy in Ohio while allowing big businesses to stay open while ALL government workers got paid out of OUR tax dollars to stay home. Because science! And JAMES ROKAKIS? Hahahaha. Change with JAMES? Mr. Landbank. Does a real leader need 80 PAID advisors? Asking for a friend. Cleveland you just got played.

I got played

Yeah - Bibb played me.  There is no change in NEO as the saying goes: "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic."  I will be drinking heavily today.

Blaine Griffin

Is a nice guy. But, he is no champion of the people.  I spoke with EJB about this incoming admin.  They need to heed his warnings:

Justin Bibb’s suburban controlled transition team is going to get

him in trouble early on with Cleveland voters



Bibb and Griffin must read and publicly demonstrate mastery of

the American Rescue Plan Act before council votes to let the

inexperienced mayor spend a dime of Cleveland’s $511 million