Gun-wielding robbers strike again & again in Tremont & Carjacker to Tremont resident Don't make me use this pistol (open carry

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(READ OPEN CARRY GUN IN TREMONT POST BELOW) CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Two armed robberies in Tremont this week add to the rash stickups in the popular neighborhood. 

Two unknown males held up a pair of Tremont residents just before midnight Tuesday near West 10th Street and Professor Avenue.

The victims -- a man and a woman -- told police that after they used a Fifth Third Bank ATM they were approached by two males.

One covered his face with a hoodie. The other disguised himself with a red bandana.

When one of the males pulled out a gun, the woman screamed as she ran away down Professor Avenue.

The robbers patted down the man and ran from the scene with $10.

About the same time the next night, two men visiting Tremont were robbed about two blocks away near West 10th Street and Tremont Avenue. 

The men were walking in the area when two gun-wielding males came up from behind them.

"Drop everything," one of the robbers said, according to a police report. "Give me the money, give me the money."

One of the victims tossed his wallet to the ground. The robbers then demanded the victims' cellphones and the codes to unlock them.

One of the men gave the robbers a good passcode. The other didn't until a gun was put to his head, the report said.

The robbers emptied the wallet, ran off with the cellphones and sped away in a car.

Details about the car and descriptions of both sets of robbers were not included in the reports. 

Cleveland police have stepped up their presence in the neighborhood after a string of armed robberies and carjackings.

A neighborhood safety meeting hosted by City Councilman Joe Cimperman has been scheduled for Sep. 1 at the Our Lady of the Angels St. Joseph Center on West 14th Street.

The people responsible for this week's robberies remain at large.


CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Two unidentified males carjacked a Tremont resident outside his home before forcing the man at gunpoint to make an ATM withdrawal, according to a Cleveland police report.

The incident began about 1 a.m. Friday on Holmden Avenue.

The man parked his truck and two hooded gunmen wearing white bandanas around their faces approached.

They demanded the man get out of his truck, the report said.

The man got out and the robbers patted him down. They stole his wallet and cellphone.

"Don't make me use this pistol," one of the robbers said, according to the report.

The robbers ordered the man back into the truck and forced him to drive them about a half mile to a U.S. Bank ATM on West 25th Street at Clark Avenue, the report said.

The man withdrew $140 and handed it over. The robbers drove away.

The man flagged down nearby police and pointed out the robbers getting away in the truck.

Police officers and sheriff's deputies gave chase, but eventually lost sight of the truck as it sped onto Interstate 490, the report said.

Armed robbers victimized at least four others in Tremont this week.

Cleveland police spokesman Lt. Ali Pillow said he's unsure if investigators believe any of the robberies are connected, but said that it appears robbers are targeting people in Tremont.


hi tom -(commander stacho) keith (capt. sulzer) - all heroes - we'er going to open carry legal gun in tremont per ohio state law

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(UPDATE EMAIL FROM TOM ) hi tom - (commander stacho) keith (capt. sulzer) - all you heroes -

we are going to open carry our weapon-gun per ohio state law in tremont - to help protect prevention and combat the many robberies crime etc. in tremont - many citizens in tremont are calling to open carry a gun


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