hi tom (commader stacho) john andy cory joe all we need help with filing a menacing police report - name RYAN C. HEFFERNAN

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update - police report no. 14-364444 - menacing)- hi tom - all - we need your with filing a menacing police report - a male by the first name ryan that lives at 756 brayton ave. across the street evidently was drunk and or high on drugs (police said he was drunk) came to our home and banged on the doors and air conditioner and fence as to frighten us and or force his way in and yelling  my name to come out to get me for the cameras and threatening talk about my community activism and insulting me for being a military veteran etc. this will come out once i play the video audio back - as sophia k-9 was barking to warn him as our doors were closed - this was at about 11:45 pm on nov.16,2014 and the police 911 was called around this time -

he did this for about 5 minutes and went back to his home - i had to go to the bath room as i was going to call the police 911 for help and sophia had to go out in our back yard and ryan comes back and is coming into our yard yelling in a threatening way for me to come to him as i hurried sophia in our home as she was barking to protect us 

and he was much more threatening for about fifteen minutes as a friend that was-is staying at his home license no. fzo or q - 4844 red ford pick up and brad admire and daniel admire from 757 brayton criminal family gang next door joined with ryan in the middle if the street yelling and laughing being provoking cursing giving the finger etc. as ryan's said friend throw something at our cameras a few times -

by this time i had called the great dispatch cleveland police 911 twice as dispatch could hear from my audio video monitor some one was yelling and i was frighten for our safety as now there are four persons threating - although we  have legal guns and i have a ccw permitt for our protection as we do anti-crime in tremont etc. with Quest ministries etc. - we always call great 911 police for help

 and sophia is my service k-9 (and its third felony in ohio to harress intimidate or harm-kill a police dog or horse or service canine)

and our heroes  police car 223b come as ryan and friend were in the middle of the street and talked with ryan as they ordered the friend in side as the police told me he was drunk also - the admire's went into 757 brayton before the police came -

 i was told before from neighborhood sources ryan gets drugs from 757 brayton gang and  ryan is using the cameras as an excuse to harressment me as he is a bully type that is being used and dislikes my activism - politics - and ryan has anger issues in general - ryan is being used to commit hate crime aganist me as also 757 brayton family criminal gang as you all well know -

sutton builders owns the house that ryan rents unless sutton sold it to ryan - keith sutton doesn't like our pro-active signs on our home-ministry and has asked me to take them down a while back - because he said he has trouble renting or selling his properties on brayton - perhaps ryan is being used

after about 20 minutes the same officers - officer ortiz and another officer come to my door as i come out to talk with them and i told them that the cameras are to monitor 757 brayton gang and anti-crime on brayton and tremont and they can verify with the commander - and detective lally - one  officer told me they told ryan that i have a legal right to the cameras and if they answer another complaint from me that ryan is going to jail - i forgot to request a menacing police report be made for this incident so now i'm requesting a menacing police report be made and if you need a copy of the video i can supply one -

most of you have to deal with much more trouble and good things than i do and my heart goes out to you as we are all on the same side  - as we attempt to help others - especially our police heroes

eternal thanks - cheers - sophia - guy - guy templeton black

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