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Israel Pintor
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Monday activities for KIDS --Brooklyn Centre

From Valerie Salstrom:

Please help spread the word!

Monday is Yoga for Kids at the Brookside Center from 10-12. Tuesday and Thursday is a recylced art project. The kids will be making Chihuly inspired mobiles from old water bottles. (we need more if you have them). Friday is Orgami-Japanese paper folding. What a fun filled week for the elementary school aged kids from Brooklyn Centre! All programs are FREE!

***Mondays are FREE Zoo days, so plan accordingly--you may want to forget the car and walk--Brookside Center is located across from the ALDI's on Pearl Rd. near the intersection of Archwood Ave.  Alternately--pack your bikes and park at Steelyard--there are bike parking opportunities at the Metroparks Zoo and throughout Brooklyn Centre.  You can also pick up the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath at Old Harvard.


BTW-Today's header is a talented musician and artist working in the neighborhood--more to come!

Tonight's Dinner

Country of orign


Onions-Georgia USA
Peppers-Georgia USA
Cucumber-Oberlin USA
Extra Virgin Olive Oil -Greece
Wine Vinegar-Italy
Lemons/Limes-Floria USA


Dandelion Greens--Texas/Florida/Georgia? purchased Westside Market--vendor stated origin
Center Cut bacon--USDA USA origin?  purchased ALDI
Eggs--Golden Hen USA grain fed allegedly USA--purchased ALDI

All ingredients above purchased at ALDI or West Side Market Cleveland.