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The fact that Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the National Basketball Association, will own casinos is reason for a NO vote against the casino issue on the November ballot.


I can’t understand how NBA chief David Stern can look the other way when one of his franchise owners combines basketball in Cleveland with a casino.


The NBA and Stern were marred when the FBI investigated and found that NBA referee Tim Donaghy was betting on games he officiated.


It seems to me that not only does it put the NBA in a ticklish situation but it also puts Cleveland Cavalier players in a bad position.


Would LeBron James, for example, spend some time in Gilbert’s casino after Cavs games? Would he be barred?  If he were barred, why would he be barred? Or Delonte West?


It raises serious questions. If he were barred one reason obviously would be that he’d likely be rubbing shoulders with bettor on Cavs games.


Now you wouldn’t expect that James would have to ingratiate himself with gamblers but you never know, do you?


Stern admitted that half of NBA referees violated the league’s no gambling rule by visiting casinos in one year. Stern took the violations lightly, saying that the rule was “overly broad.”


Awfully lenient of Stern.


Well, when the referees and players are a few minutes from a casino doesn’t that suggest there could be a problem?


Frankly, I don’t know how any major league sport league could allow a team owner to combine ownership with a gambling joint.


And with the corruption problems that Cuyahoga County has been hit with in recent times, do we want to add the influence of gambling and the characters big time gambling attracts? I don’t think so.


Gilbert also is the wealthy chairman and founder of Quicken Loans, leading online home lender.


He is, of course, benefits greatly from the public subsidies of Quicken Arena, formerly Gund Arena, which has been heavily subsidized by Cuyahoga County taxpayers. Indeed, Cuyahoga County is still paying for the $120-million in bonds issued to complete the arena in the early 1990s. Doesn’t he have enough?


And will he be looking for tax subsidies for the hotel that’s promised with the casino? Well, of course, he will.


These guys never stop with the golden begging cup.


Finally, why isn’t this gambling situation a major issue in the casino battle?






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Gilbert's wealth

I might add that Gilbert was rated the 354th of Forbes' 400 richest Americans in 2008.


He's worth $1.1 billion.


And he wants MORE!

Gilbert should have to turn ownership of the Cavs over

I agree, Roldo.

Gilbert should have to choose between owning casinos or sports teams - owning both is a conflict of interest.

I also don't see why a city's sports teams should be owned by a bunch of billionnaires... many of whom made their money through high interest and high fee businesses like loans, credit cards and ticketmaster. It's like all the teams are owned by new economy gangsters, and they are expanding into the old economy world of casinos too.

America has really become very low class and corrupt... Cleveland seems destined to be a center of low class corruption for the Great Lakes region.

I'm sure if Gilbert had to choose between owning sports teams and casinos he would go for casinos... that is a safe bet. Let's make that a requirement of passing casinos for him - he must turn ownership of the Cavs over to the team members and citizens of Northeast Ohio - 100% local forever.

Disrupt IT

Good idea, Norm. But

Good idea, Norm. But unlikely, right?