This letter is in response to the article "TWDC staff member Sammy Catania

Submitted by JOEBIALEK on Sat, 01/01/2011 - 17:09.

I just picked up the recent edition of Plain Press at the library and must
state that I am absolutely stunned by the headline of this article.   I have
also had a chance to review the videos posted on YouTube.   In my opinion
{it goes without saying that} Sammy Catania must be terminated immediately
from his employment with TWDC.   The fact that his behavior has been
tolerated at all speaks volumes of the character and integrity of the entire
staff and board members.  This begs the question: what will their funders
think and demand as well?  With all the people who are unemployed in this
city it is an outrage that public dollars are being used to pay the salary
of someone who is clearly out of control.  It says much about a person that
abuses the elderly.   My parents {and other elderly residents} were abused
in a nursing home until I found out about it and now those goons are
unemployable after serving time in prison.   Guy Templeton Black, the
community has your back. We stand ready to assist you and come to your aid.
Hopefully the next time Mr. Catania decides to pick on someone that someone
will be able to defend themselves and drop him like a bad habit.  I for one
do not fear you sir.

Joe Bialek
Cleveland, OH

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TWDC staff member sammy catania sentenced for abusing elderly re

TWDC staff member sammy catania sentenced for abusing elderly resident by jerleen justus - plain press - volume 38.umber 1, january 2011- front page


When does the Plain Press go online?

When does the Plain Press go online? The most recent edition I see available is September 2010.

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Plain Press article is compelling

Jerleen wrote an outstanding article. I hope she will publish here.  January 2011 Plain Press is on the street now.  Joe--thank you for posting your letter here.


The Plain Press web-site being "redesigned" and should be completed by the end of 2011...other than the library..I do know that the CVS pharmacy on Memphis Ave. and Pearl Road has thePlain Press newspaper at the front entrance the left in the corner on a rack...and Frank Gallos' Clark service station on Pearl Road has the Plain Press available to the right of the entrance door.  Happy New Year 2011 to all at REALNEO!

Another loss from the disruption of the realNEO team

Another loss from the disruption of the realNEO team - we were working on moving Plain Press into Drupal in like 200 - along with Digital Vision... CAAO - Consortium of African American Organizations - and a bunch of other organizations... when we got smacked down by Holmes et al.

We were too effective... too many people threatened. That's Cleveland... eat the innovative.

I'd still recommend going with Drupal - there are now quite a few people in town working with it - our admin Jeff Schuler may be interested.

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Thank you for speaking up, Joe Bialek....

God Bless you and everyone who risks it all to speak the REAL truth against the underground crap our citizens are abused with daily! United We Stand to Disupt it! Please remain steadfast and invite others to participate! 

JOE BIALEK...which "library" was the Plain Press located?

since, neither one of the locations, that, I found the Plain Press at, in the past....were not delivered this month of January 2011? 

Plain Press

 Mytown--Plain Press is available at Brooklyn Branch Cleveland Public Library--there are also copies at the Best Cuts in the Plaza.

Stop by and say hi tomorrow--I'll be the crazy looking woman... :)

NOTE: you will most likely NOT find copies in Ohio City or Tremont...for obvious reasons.

Plain Press

I picked up a copy at an Ohio City business today (there were only 2 copies left). I have to say that Jerleen did quite a story, and it to be applauded for the depth. Even those that disagree with the story because of the divided camps have to see the truth of the situation as it is now a public record.

Can some scan the story so that it can be posted here? Or maybe Jerleen has it on her computer and can post it.

I know where there's a stack of Plain Press..

Anyone who wants one can call me...if I post-they'll disappear! lol.

Plain Press available in Ohio City

A friend has told me that the office of Ohio City Near West has plenty of copies.

The phone number for the Plain Press is 216-621-3060.



Mea culpa

Before anyone else berates me--Plain Press in Tremont at Dish Deli, Brandt Gallery and Cleveland Public Library Jefferson Branch.  Okay ?! :)

Imcshane....what do you mean?...berate you? Geez...

  what a made me have to look up the definition.  Happy New Year 2011.  I will be up at the library...I really want to read the Plain Press this week....Maybe, this is a "reason" "to lead" me to meet you! FINALLY!

no beration

Just important to share information.

Note that all the PP articles are archived, and are free to read on line (when the PP gets caught up on whatever they are doing with their website). Again, free, unlike the peedee that moves many stories into its pay to read archives.