Michael Hastings Death Conspiracy: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Around 4:30 a.m. early Tuesday morning journalist Michael Hastings died in a fiery car crash while driving through Hollywood. The 33-year-old Hastings was an infamous thorn in the side of the Obama administration when, in 2010, he exposed the scandal that led to the firing of General Stanley McChrystal as America's top commander in Afghanistan.

His recent work on the CIA and the NSA have led to some serious speculation about his untimely and mysterious death. Could his death have been a conspiracy?

Here's what you need to know:

1. The Car Fire Was Out of Control

The fire that consumed Hastings' car (watch above) looks like something out of a movie, especially considering it hit a tree. Cars hit trees all the time and few of them burst into a ball of fire. For comparison, here is a video of Hastings' model of Mercedes on its crash test:

2. The Body Was Unrecognizable

According to the Los Angeles Times, Hastings was pronounced dead on the scene, but the body was so badly burned that it could not be identified and, in fact, still has not been officially identified. No autopsy was done today and it is unclear when one will happen. The body has been labeled
"John Doe 117."

Michael Hastings Death Conspiracy: Was FBI Investigating Dead Reporter?

WikiLeaks used Twitter to say that Michael Hastings, a Buzzfeed reporter that died this week, was being investigated by the FBI. Click here to read more

3. He Was Reporting on the CIA and NSA

Hastings final article, which was pushed on Buzzfeed on June 7, was titled, "Why Democrats Love to Spy on Americans." We know that Hastings had turned his attention to NSA and domestic surveillance, and we also know that Hastings, unlike many other journalists of our generation, knew how to find the stories worth telling. Is it possible he discovered something that made him a government target? Or maybe he just found something so big that he had to drive his car very quickly through Los Angeles at 4:30 a.m.? The final words of his final article are:

Perhaps more information will soon be forthcoming.

4. The Engine Was Found 60 Yards Away and a Neighbor Said It Sounded Like an Explosion

How quickly does a car have to be moving so that when it crashes into a tree it flings an engine that weighs around 300 pounds 60 yards, according to NY Daily News? Because that is what happened. The same article also cites multiple neighbors as saying they heard an explosion.

5. Wikileaks Said Hastings Called Their Lawyer That Night

These two tweets were released to by Wikileaks. According to them, a few hours before he died Hastings called Wikileaks Lawyer Jennifer Robinson worried that he was under investigation by the FBI. Are the two things connected? We'll let you know as the story unfolds.




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Hastings sheared fire hyd then hit Washingtonia Robusta palm

 Going against a conspiracy theory is:

1   the fact that Hastings drove a aggressive Benz "sports" car - not the kind of car careful drivers operate.

2   crash took place at 4:15 am - not the time of day careful drivers commute.   Where was Hastings just prior to the accident, and who was he with (if anyone)?

However, these facts don't necessary rule out an assassination.  

You will see a fire plug was knocked off before the car hit the palm.   Washingtonia Robusta palms don't move when a auto hits them.   I have seen a similar accident where the engine left the vehicle which hit a similar palm.   

Could the computer control module on the Mercedes have been hacked? remotely operated?   Remember the Toyota "sudden accelleration" drive by wire computer fault which killed dozens?    

Could the computer on this model of vehicle be made to accellerate while the braking system was simultaneously de-commissioned?

 This is precisely the type of James Bond stuff that seems outlandish - but why wouldn't the CIA, NSA, whoever A develop a wirelessly controlled "back door" into car computers to use as a "he had a bad accident" globally functional assassination tool?

Actually, if the CIA isn't doing it, clearly they should be....I'm leaving this page and going right over to Google Patent search...


I am wearing a whiste.

It is really, at least originally, to be able to signal to people that I had a fall and couldn't get up; or if there was an earthquake and I was buried under rubble, to signal where I was.

But I read a post elsewhere that said the man was going to wear a whistle to work, he had just bought it.

I then realized that this was to honor the brave whistleblowers who have disclosed the terrible truth about problems we needed to know, but which were covered up: Enron, banking mess, drones killing women and children and reporters and were innocent, tragic Benghazi, IRS, NSA scandals. And, except for the first, the only ones to go to jail are the brave whistleblowers, not the ones who commited these crimes against citizens.

Many feel as I do www.infowars.com/pelosi-booed-after-she-defends-nsa-violating-fourth-amendment/ (Not that I care for Alex Jones and Infowars, but sometimes they have interesting information not released by the mainstream, bought and paid for, media.

And most of our politicians blame the  whistleblowers. One idiot said if Snowden was such a patriot why didn't he stay here and face the music. Duh, because our government can't be trusted to behave with decency, he'd wind up "shot while evading arrest" or something. act.rootsaction.org/p/salsa/web/tellafriend/public/

I recently sent a communication to Senators Brown and Portland. Usually I prefer the former to the latter. But in this case, Portland was one of the few to vote for citizens. I started my communication to Sen. Brown by saying that I was APPALLED that he voted for the U.N. gun control pact that would give up our sovereignty and Second Amendment rights to the U.N.

And I also listed tons of things that I am upset about and politicians are doing nothing for us, just for those who donate to their campaign.

Which reminds me. $420 thou to McClain http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/jun/21/surveillance-contractors-gave-millions-campaign-ca/#ixzz2X28MwZGm

And I think our President could have good safety for less than the estimated $60-100 million for the trip he is taking, with his family, to Africa. The money could be used at home for better things.  www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/jun/23/lead-example-fellow-democrat-blasts-obamas-pricey-/

Bringing our soldiers home, all except those needed to guard embasseys and reserves that would be allowed to fly to their assistance without being told to stand downwww.dailypaul.com/289361/finally-a-former-and-knowledgeable-air-force-pilot-speaks-up, would save more money, and lives. (Soldiers and ex-soldiers commit suicide at an appalling rate, and now Christian soldiers are being harrassed for "proslitizing" if their give another solider a Bible and whisper a tiny word of comfort in their ear.)