Pollan's Food Rules hits bookstores

Submitted by Susan Miller on Wed, 01/06/2010 - 20:16.

Today as I waited for the new tires to be mounted on my car at Firestone at Cedar Fairmount I had an hour to chill. I went across the street and engaged in a favorite pastime - wandering around in a bookstore. In this case, Appletree Books was handy, and it's a great place, warm and bright and full of interesting reads.

Whoa! What's that little book with the peas in a pod on the cover?

Lo and behold Michael Pollan has churned out another one: Food Rules, and it's hot off the presses.

Jon Stewart had Pollan on the Daily Show on Monday night, but I missed it since I so rarely remember to turn the tv on. The segment is short, of course, and fun.

The book, too, is short and fun - or as Stewart says fun-sized - that, too. I read most of it in the bookstore while I waited for the tires. Here's some more backgound and a sampling from the NYTimes source material. Cleveland Public Library has 7 copies and all are in play at this point, but place a hold, and a friendly automated voice will call you when it's your turn.

Oh, yes and my old tires returned home with me (saving me the $4/tire disposal fee) to be put to use for growing potatoes in the spring.

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