Pope Francis Connects Pedophile Priests to the Satanic Black Mass (tremont etc.

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Pope Francis recently explained that when a priest subjects a child to abuse, the priest has celebrated a “black Mass” as part of a Satanic ritual.[1] While the uninformed take this to be a simile “like a black Mass,” readers of my former work with Thomas Horn should know better. William H. Kennedy’s book, Lucifer’s Lodge, provides a well-documented case that these are not simply sex crimes, rather they are also reflective of cults of ritualistic Satanism within the Roman Catholic Church driving the pedophilia. He wrote:

It follows, then, that one of the necessary elements for those who would construct the Antichrist’s kingdom would be the Lucifers Lodgecreation of a Satanic church, and the conversion of the world’s populace to a Satanic religion. But they would not wish to create a truly “new” church, wiping the slate clean and starting over. They would not for instance push for everyone in the world to join Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan. It makes sense that they would rather infiltrate and exercise control from within a church that is already in existence, and that has already solidified its power-base globally. No church fits this description more perfectly than the Catholic Church, which was for centuries the most powerful force in the world, and in many ways still is.[2]

In that book, Kennedy cited example after example of Catholic priests involved in literal satanic worship and rituals involving sex with children. This was also confirmed by Jesuit scholar Malachi Martin who said, “Anybody who is acquainted with the state of affairs in the Vatican in the last 35 years is well aware that the prince of darkness has had and continues to have his surrogates in the court of St. Peter in Rome.”[3] With this background in mind, one can see that Pope Francis linking of the pedophile priest epidemic to Satanism is much more than figurative language.


[1] http://www.bostonglobe.com/news/nation/2014/05/26/pope-francis-meet-abuse-victims-with-boston-malley/6iJGjmYr3ujHBmXpQLRpTN/story.html

[2] William H Kennedy, Lucifer’s Lodge: Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Catholic Church, 6. Free Here: http://www.lulu.com/us/en/shop/w-h-kennedy/lucifers-lodge-satanic-ritual-abuse-in-the-catholic-church/ebook/product-343299.html

[3]Judi McLeod, “Scouting Out Satan,” Canada Free Press, February 23, 2005, http://www.canadafreepress.com/2005/cover022305.htm.



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11 thoughts on “Pope Francis Connects Pedophile Priests to the Satanic Black Mass”

  1. Thank you Cris for warning the true believers and sounding the alarm, that they wake up and begin to pray and contend for the faith. May our Lord use and bless you and protect you always in the almighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

  2. The man in Rome is a imposter along with the rest since john 23 all have excommunicated themselves from even being Catholic all proof is in church teaching God made it very simple to understand no debating he sent Father Villa look him up eight times attempted assacination approves by Pius XII and Padre Pio but hung out for dry by the so called trafitional catholic clergy shame on you who also kill the prophet sent by God hand picked by heaven

  3. This story is correct EXCEPT THAT THE CHURCH OF ROME HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE WHORE OF BABYLON! The satanic elements have always been “within”. It’s just that, as we get closer to the return of our RISEN LORD, JESUS CHRIST, that satan’s rule becomes more apparent and stronger as the “evil one” deceives more and more people! PRAY for the ARMOR OF JESUS to keep you safe during these end times and “come out” of this false church! Go to the Bible for the “true WORD OF GOD!”

    • You are only partially correct. The Roman Catholic Church has been divided from within by a type of “Civil War”. If the Dogma, Liturgy, and Sacraments of the Church(which was the unchallenged Christian Faith for One Thousand Years!) did not possess the true Power of Christ then why would Satan and his minions attack this ancient Faith through the ages?

    • Your claim is untrue. When Babylon ruled Israel from time to time is was for brief periods of time, usually measured in a few decades at best. Since the Holy Ghost was with the Church on Pentecost, the Holy Ghost has never left it even until today. All of the stupid excuse that the Church erred , faltered or apostatized are nothing more than lies of the devil.

      Joseph Goebbels was right….the bigger the lie the more people believe it to be true.

      • The RCC did not begin at Pentecost but much later around AD 600 when the first pope declared himself “universal bishop.” Before that the bishop of Rome was only a regional authority and there was no papacy as it exists today. Even the Council of Nicea composed a formal statement, called “Canon 6,” which directly stated that though each church center, area, or city was usually ruled by its own top bishop, there was not to be a universally supreme bishop in authority over all.

  4. America is going down like a rock,in the swimming pool,I’ve been blessed with many VISITS by the LORD,OUR FATHER,and the TWO witnesses,AND its ALWAYS to warn me of coming events,THE CHRISTIANS in america NEVER,mind their own business,AND THE ONLY business they should be working on is the LORDS BUSINESS,but that hasn’t been the case at all in america ,AND OUR FATHER IS “HOPPING MAD AT AMERICA”..you guys don’t know what HE’S ABLE TO DO,I’ve seen him in action,and I can tell you,YOUR OUT OF TIME TO REPENT and stop the stupid things you have allowed,HE HAS CALLED HIS GUARDIAN ANGELS HOME,you are unprotected in america now,ONLY those who know him will be protected and saved,and that won’t be many,HE SAID,america,YOU are vomit in my mouth,THE DEMONCRATES screamed WE WANT SATAN,NOT GOD,the church did nothing,AND YOU had plenty of time ,NOW AMERICAS “WISH,HAS BEEN GRANTED”..satan will be ruling america from now on,ITS WHAT EVERYONE WANTED,I can’t begin to tell you what a mistake this was,BUT SATAN will TOTALY DESTROY AMERICA now,and it can’t be stopped…..THE punishment that will be allowed,is going to teach america what the word TERROR really means……………….

  5. HERES a word to the wise,about warnings from the LORD,he doesn’t like moderators,and all you politically correct moderators have been DELETING, his warnings,HE SAID,I’AM GOING TO DELETE THEM,I just wanted to tell you this,because HE’S GOING TO ASK you about it,and I wouldn’t want you to tell him you weren’t warned………….

    • So you speak for God Arizona? Then why not use your real name?

  6. Thanks all for the inspiring wisdom! may the true lord keep our eyes clear and vigilant, and convicted of the truth in his spirit!




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