RE: Assertion of equal access rights to the broadcast media as a candidate and a demand for fair print reporting

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 TO:         WKYC, WEWS, FOX8, WOIO, Ideastream, WCPN, Plain Dealer,, Cleveland Scene, SUN News

FROM:    Eric Jonathan Brewer, Legally Qualified Republican candidate for Congress / 11th District

RE:          Assertion of equal access rights to the broadcast media as a candidate and a demand for fair print reporting

UN-American censorship games were in real time being played against the 1st Amendment rights of Republican candidates by the Cleveland media, non-profit so called free speech promoters and those with control over who has access to local and federally-controlled public airwaves. Debates and forums were scheduled for Democratic Party candidates but not for Americans who vote Republican. We were censored … locally. 

Political censorship is not American. Campaigns for all elected offices are matters of American national security. Great care has been taken by patriotic past and current elected officials to protect the integrity of our elections. In America we have open access to government and records; and it empowers Americans to question candidates without restrictions on matters of national and local importance. We have campaign finance law rights to know if candidates promoting special interests and foreign agendas are working for special and foreign interests. We have federal laws that prohibit the interference of foreign agents in our campaigns whether they are registered or not.  American media has historically been a free speech watchdog and a safeguard against free speech abuse.  That is not the role you folk are playing in our democracy today.  

The Democracy of the American Republic I swore to defend is displayed in open and public political forums where candidates have historically faced each other and compared their truths before the electorate.  The media is supposed to "report."  Not color.  In 2017 a reporter for a local newspaper fabricated quotes, assigned his made up words to me and then editorially condemned me for words I did not even come close to using during my campaign for Cleveland mayor. Local media outlets should police their editors and reporters for this aberrant and UN-American behavior.  I am encouraging Republican candidates to file complaints with the appropriate federal and state statutory authorities when it happens.

It is not lawful for 501.c3 non-profits to intervene in political campaigns. Federally funded public airwave broadcasters have access duties to fulfill in support of the Republic and our open government principles. 11th Congressional District voters should not be deprived of learning about my candidacy and issues because an UN-American non-profit abuser, or Communist influenced content creator, plays on the "manipulation" side of the political aisle.  It is the same with my fellow Republican candidates and opponent.  

WKYC's Ryan Haidet authored an election day Voter's Guide and omitted me and my Republican opponent's name as if our "legally qualified candidacies" didn't exist.  According to Haidet, the 11th Congressional District campaign was nothing more than a rematch between the two Democrats.  A reader would think the 11th Congressional District campaign is over on May 3, 2022.  WEWS's voters guide includes my opponent and I.  Thank you.  FOX8 ignored all the congressional campaigns.  So did WOIO for the most part.  WOIO authored a story about a student organized "digital divide" forum at Cleveland State University that included only the two Democratic candidates.  The new 11th Congressional District is not 78 percent Democrat as a Business Insider reporter falsely claimed.  

The City of Cleveland has 246,893 registered voters as of December 31, 2021.  192,968 were Independent or voters "unaffiliated" with either party.  That number makes 78.16% of Cleveland voters unaffiliated with the Democratic Party or Republican parties  They are the voters I intend to reach.  Here's a link. Democrats represent only 19.41% of Cleveland's voters.  Partisan-minded Democratic journalists must stop spreading recklessly untrue information.  Only the truth sets Americans free.

I am the only Congressional candidate talking about civil rights, privacy rights, the constitutionality of 3rd party tax lien sales and holding local elected and appointed officials accountable to obeying the U.S. Constitution and federal laws in exchange for federal funds. I, alone, have addressed the unlawful and deadly police high speed chases and privacy rights violating license plate readers. I have also supported the criminal investigation Samaria Rice wants of her late son, Tamir's, killer.  I am the only candidate who has individually identified and investigated federal law violations among non-profit recipient of federal funds; and who has promised to use the office of Congress to deal with the abuse.  Federal money intended to remedy poverty must be used to remedy the impoverished conditions of its intended recipients.  And no.  I am not "pro-labor."  I'm pro-right to work in a 92 percent right to work nation.  I intend to work for the repeal of the racist-inspired Davis Bacon Act of 1931.

I am the only candidate who has been clear on not arming Ukraine and risking America's national security and economic interests over a nationalist nation of neo-Nazis whose war with Russia is not our business. My conclusions are based on reading declassified United States national security records from the presidential libraries of Woodrow Wilson, George Herbert Walker Bush and William Jefferson Clinton.  The direction President Biden and his Ukrainian ancestried Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has taken us is in the complete opposite direction of past foreign policy towards Ukraine.  It is driven by self interests and is insane.  I want everything made outside the United States of America made "in" America ... again.  

I am the only candidate calling for Hunter Biden's criminal prosecution; and describing his father as paying Volodymyr Zelenskyy a bribe.  I am the only veteran in my campaign. I am the only candidate in my race who has lived near a war zone and participated in end of war activities in Thailand while South Vietnam was surrendering to Communist China; and who was exposed to Agent Orange.  I am the only candidate challenging the media on the manipulative UN-American censorship taking place in the local press and non-profit community. I'm addressing the issue in this manner not just for myself; but for the other candidates in my political party.  We are Americans.  You cannot "cancel" us and elevate foreign voices over ours with our public airwaves.

I raised and spent no money to defeat my Republican opponent.  There would be no need for “big money” in political campaigns if media coverage and the public airwaves were equally accessible to candidates for elected office; and if the messaging of candidates like myself was not filtered or suppressed.  It is not the job of newspapers, television and radio station reporters and owners to play political king and queen makers. You don't get to determine who among us as legally qualified candidates are "essential."  Objective journalism requires journalists to treat each American candidate equally.  Elizabeth Sullivan's endorsement of my opponent was very clearly ignored by a majority of 11th Congressional District voters.

In case local reporters missed it, Cleveland grew up politically in 2016 when the Republican National Convention was held here.  According to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report we were "Russian collusion central."  All the Russian colluding players were here for the dot followers.  What's left in the unprosecuted aftermath are the ongoing local national security risks who made Cleveland the perfect location for the international espionage that occurred here; and who left former President Donald Trump exposed and unprotected.  Some local names who were not registered as foreign agents then are registered now.  International espionage, however, remains present in the monied players behind United States Representative Shontel Brown and NIna Turner's campaigns. It's time for candidates and local reporters to have grown-up, national media level discussions about the fascinating global power struggles that have footprints to Cleveland and the 11th Congressional District.

Make this the election where local reporting becomes fair.  Members of my political party are Americans and we are going to be heard.  


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