Time is the most precious commodity we have today.

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With hour upon hour wasted by managers interviewing inappropriate candidates, a new 3-dimensional recruitment tool has been developed to screen local, national and international applicants effectively.

TalkingCV is an easy-to-use, low-cost and effective way to undertake the first round interview process.

By integrating video, audio and text files simultaneously the recruiter is able to save themselves time and money by streamlining the recruitment process whilst the candidate benefits by getting in front of the recruiter at an early stage with their video CV.

Integrate Video, Audio and Text:

There are two versions of TalkingCV

The Candidate version allows an individual to record their own personal TalkingCV from any Internet-enabled PC with a webcam from anywhere in the world.

On completion they receive a unique URL link to their own personal TalkingCV that can then be forwarded to potential employers to view at their convenience.

The Recruiter version allows an employer to determine the interview they wish the candidate to sit. Initially the Recruiter determines the interview questions to be asked. He then sends an automated email to the selected candidates with access details to a branded website. Here the candidate will find the pre-selected questions that the recruiter has set.

Once the candidate has completed their interview an email is sent to the recruiter with the URL link to their personal TalkingCV.

Recruiter Benefits:

Do away with time consuming and costly first stage interviews.

Profile candidates regardless of their location. Provide decision makers with a clear picture of a candidates’ personality, communication skills and other vital attributes. Multi viewing at your own convenience allows involvement of key people within the short-listing process – anytime – anywhere. Help reduce interview to placement ratios.

Candidate Benefits:

TalkingCV demonstrates a candidate’s personality, experience and communication skills far better than they can on paper.

video resume Gets them in front of more employers – anywhere in the world.

Gives them a competitive edge over rival candidates and allows them to stand out from the crowd.

Avoids wasted time and expense associated with travelling to first stage interviews.

Allows them to incorporate any information in their text files (for example, application form, resume, or psychometric test results).

Once a candidate has recorded their own personal TalkingCV they receive an email with a unique URL that can then be forwarded to potential employers to view at their convenience.

Equal Opportunities:

TalkingCV provides all candidates with an equal opportunity through the standardised interview process.

All candidates are asked the same questions and given the same opportunity to answer them.

In the event of an unfair opportunity claim being made against an employer TalkingCV will be invaluable as the stored interviews provide supporting evidence for your selection decision.

Key Benefits:

Enforces a structured interview.

Provides candidates with equal opportunities through a standardised process.

Delivers significant management time-savings.

With the help of video resume it eliminates geographical constraints.

Interviews stored for multi-viewing.

Multiple Recruitment Solutions including: - International recruitment, Graduate recruitment, Volume recruitment, Recruitment fairs, Temporary recruitment.

Offsets your carbon footprint and helps save our planet.

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