Title History YMCA

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Title History YMCA
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Surety Title also part of Mortgage Fraud for Emerald X

Cleveland Housing Network and the Land Bank are saddled with two properties they are now going to have a hard time unloading and finding the money to demolish through Cuyahoga County and the City of Cleveland - the feds are watching.

Thanks to the new federal administration - developers are not buying low-income tax credits.  Cleveland Housing Network played a shell game with the owner of a historic property on Euclid - similar to the fraud commited at 3873 West 25th St.  Cleveland Housing Network proposes to sell income tax credits for Emerald XI proposed for the vacant YMCA building - but they are not going to be able to sell the tax credits on 7609 Euclid awarded through Ohio Finance Agency in 2016:

Historic Luther Allen Mansion - 7609 Euclid Ave -see: http://www.clevelandareahistory.com/2011_07_01_archive.html

Emerald Alliance X will be located at 7609 Euclid Avenue in the MidTown neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. The site was selected because of its proximity to community amenities and supportive services; excellent access to public transit; and its economic contribution to the neighborhood. The new building will be adjoined to the existing Greenbridge Commons PSH project developed in 2011, allowing for sharing of common spaces and staffing resulting in cost savings on the operating and construction side. Emerald Alliance X will be the tenth Permanent Supportive Housing building developed through the partnership of Cleveland Housing Network (CHN) and Emerald Development and Economic Network (EDEN) under Cuyahoga County’s Housing First Initiative. EDEN is committed to operating and maintaining the new building for the purpose of housing formerly homeless and low-to-moderate-income households for thirty (30) years. The building will provide sixty (60) one-bedroom apartments for individuals who have experienced chronic, long-term homelessness with onsite supportive services available exclusively for residents. FrontLine Service will provide and coordinate the onsite supportive services and also link residents to services and amenities in the community. All residential suites will have one bedroom, one full bathroom, a kitchen, storage, and will be fully furnished. The site will have secured vehicular and pedestrian access and as property manager EDEN will provide 24 hour/day front desk security staffing. The development will achieve Enterprise Green Communities certification


Title Fraud and continued Cuyahoga County corruption

  "Norma Herr has been managed since 2004 by Frontline Services, a nonprofit which describes itself as a "behavioral health" agency. Frontline's contract was scheduled to expire Dec. 31, 2017, but has been extended until April 30 to give the YWCA time to hire and train staff."


I have asked County Council to examine the application for LITC on CHN-Eden proposed Emerald Alliance XI. Based on this article:


Frontline has no capacity to manage additional homeless housing.