Where's the tail? Russian jet down in the Sinai

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 11/03/2015 - 19:08.
Where's the tail?  Russian jet down in the Sinai

Accident forensics:

There is a clear line of disconnection - looks like the section of the plane just aft of the tail.    

Clean break begs the question: did the tail separate while flying? or after it hit the ground...easy to tell from the debris field.  

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War is Hell

 So has Mr. Obama saved American lives by not being too noticably involved in Syria?

Moscow start to bomb and down came 200+ passengers into the desert.

Bobby Kennedy was shot in the kitchen of a LA hotel by Surhan Surhan - the reason?  Bobby voted to supply Isreal with F16s which targeted the Palistineans.  

Is there reason and fairness and rationale here? 

a little bit...

Is the Paris mayhem a result of retribution?  retribution from crazy persons...religeously craxy persons? ...best kind of Krazxy is way out craxy. 

But,  it's what happens....

So, our governments actually spawn attacks on their citizens with bold, technical, expensive, attacks.    Maybe they don't have the technology to have satelites, drones, etc, etc,

but they have Kalashnikovs and car keys,  and that's quite enought...


~50% of USA governors want to reject Syrian refugees

 ~50% of USA governors want to reject Syrian refugees - but - governors have no say in who passes across state lines.   WTF

The Governors are hypocritical posturers...including governors of Ohio and Massachusetts. 

The attack in Paris was less damaging than the 2002 Chechnian theater attack in Russia - the Russians used an as yet un-named gas to subdue the 50 attachers and 850 hostages - knocked them right out - also accidentally killed about 130 hostages.    Just to get up to speed with how complex these attacks are, read the wikipedia record of the Chechnian hostage situation.    Seriously. 

The Paris attack is not "sophisticated" - all that was needed was a cell phone for coordination and a  Kalashnikov.   It is good that the Paris attach was not sophisticated, it would have been more deadly.  

What would a sophisticated attack look like?   France has dozens of nuclear power reactors.    How about them?

Mr. Obama, I listened to your discussion with the press today.   I think you did an admirable job in your thoughtful response.  Have a good trip to Indonesia.  

Only Blonde refugees admitted, only blondes

 Instead of discriminating against any particular skin color, ethnicity, religion - I have an idea....Let's just allow in blondes.   

In fact, let's just allow in blondes on our international air flights.     

We need to be sure we are safe. 

Blondes are passive, non-aggressive, and blonde. 

I think the congress would pass it and Mr. Obama wouldn't veto it. 



sophia honey yoga and guy -

Good People should carry hand grenades

 Jerry Falwell Jr. has a good idea.    Good people should carry guns.   Then, with all the good guns about, when a bad gun starts spitting lead, the good guns can take out the lead spitter. 

But Jerry has made the assumption that 1.   I can see.  2.  I can shoot straight. 3. I haven't already been shot dead by the lead spitter. 4.  getting my gun out doesn't make me a target. 5 etc.

So, I have the sollution.  

Sound detonated hand grenades!

When the bad gun guy or gal starts spitting lead, you throw the hand grenade in the direction of the spitter, and the percussion noise from the bad spitter arms the grenade and it explodes and takes oooouuuutttt a big cirlce of everyone including the spitter. 

This will save taxes because by the time the police and authorities arrive with their robots and sniper equipment, the scene will be secure and quiet.  Definitely quiet.   Because the grenades are noise activated!