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With less than a month left before submissions are due for the 2011 Cleveland Design Competition, we wanted to send out a few updates regarding:

    * Previous Schedule Updates
    * Questions and Answers (from entrants)
    * Submitting Entry Options

(including Instructions for Option #1, which saves entrants the cost of shipping and helps subsidize the printing cost)
    * Awards Announcement Reception & Exhibition in Cleveland, Ohio (free, public reception)
    * Jury (previously announced)

Please keep in mind that the Late Registration period is still open until July 29th, 2011. Submissions are due on August 3rd, 2011 by 5:00pm. 

If you have any questions at all relating to the submission process, please do not hesitate to contact us at info [at] clevelandcompetition [dot] com. We believe all questions to date have been answered and all Unique Identification Numbers distributed for those that have registered. If you believe you are missing anything, please contact us immediately.

2011 Competition Schedule
Late Registration Deadline: July 29th
Submission Deadline: August 3rd
Reception & Exhibition: August 19th in Cleveland, Ohio
2011 Competition Questions
The questions asked by entrants and answered by the Cleveland Design Competition Advisors and partner organizations are now available on the Cleveland Design Competition webpage:   www.clevelandcompetition.com/questions.html

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to email us at info [at] clevelandcompetition [dot] com. Additional questions may be added to the website as they are asked and answered.

Submitting Your Entry: 2 Options
In an effort to keep the submission process as efficient and affordable as possible, we have defined two methods for entrants to submit their boards.

Option 1:
Entrants can upload their submissions no later than the 5:00pm on the Competition Deadline to our local partner print house eBlueprint/ARC. Through our partnership with eBlueprint/ARC, entrants are being offered a heavily subsidized cost for printing both 24"x36" boards - $60.00 plustax/fee = $70.00. This price includes printing, mounting, and delivery to the Cleveland Design Competition of both 24"x36" boards. This Option theoretically gives entrants more time to work on submissions because you do not need to worry about printing, mounting, and shipping your entry to Cleveland prior to the 5:00pm Competition Deadline like you do if you utilize Option 2. Once a submission has been uploaded, changes cannot be made so please be sure to check submissions for errors and omissions prior to uploading. You will notice in the process defined below that you will be uploading both 24"x36" board PDF's as well as your text document summary (if you decide to include one).

Option 1 Process (it is easier than the list below makes it seem):

1. Click on the Link Below
2. Fill in Your Unique Identification Number
3. Confirm Your Email Address
4. Click Finish to be Re-directed to PayPal will you will Pay for Printing.
5. Fill In Your Billing Information
6. Click Review Donation and Continue
7. Click "Donate $70.00 USD Now"
8. Write down your Confirmation Number for your own records
9. Click "Return to donations coordinator" (this link will take you directly to eBlueprint/Arc where you will upload your submission)
10. Click on "Basic"
11. Click the top "Choose File" to browse to your 1st PDF board*
12. Click the second "Choose File" to browse to your 2nd PDF board*
13. Click the third "Choose File" to browse to your one page text document (this may be a PDF, Word Document, or windows text file)*
13. Click Start Upload (Do not close your browser while your PDF's are uploading)
That is the end of the Uploading Process. You will be sent a confirmation email once we have confirmed payment and printing.
If you start the process and get through payment, but are able to complete the uploading process at that time, please contact us at info [at] clevelandcompetition [dot] com and we will issue to you the link that takes you directly to the upload site. Do not pay twice.
*Uploaded files must be named:
11-Cleveland Design Competition - (Your Unique ID Number) - LEFT
11-Cleveland Design Competition - (Your Unique ID Number) - RIGHT
11-Cleveland Design Competition - (Your Unique ID Number) - SUMMARY

Option 2:
Similar to previous years, entrants may print, mount and ship their own submissions to the Cleveland Design Competition.The boards are to be of light-weight foam core and to have amaximum thickness of 0.5". If an entrant selects this submission method, the Competition Entry MUST arrive to the offices of the Cleveland Design Competition no later than 5:00pm on the Competition Deadline. International entrants are permitted to submit rolled entries in lieu of mounted.

2011 Cleveland Design Competition Awards Reception
We are please to announce the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Cleveland State University, and Kent State University's Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative will be hosting the 2011 Cleveland Design Competition Awards Reception on Friday evening, August 19th, 2011.

This reception will be free and open to the public. While we unfortunately do not have the resources to bring each entrant to Cleveland for the announcement of the winners, we do encourage entrants and their co-workers/friends with the resources or proximity to Cleveland to attend. We will not be informing the winners prior to the announcement on August 19th, 2011.

The reception is going to be held in Cleveland State University's brand new Student Center designed by Gwathmey-Siegel and Associates Architects, LLC. The reception will take place from about 6:00pm-9:00pm on Friday, August 19th, 2011. More information will be provided on the competition website as it is available here: www.clevelandcompetition.com/reception_11.html

Please pass along this email to any designer, architect, planner or otherwise interested parties that might be interesting in knowing more information, supporting, or entering the 2011 Cleveland Design Competition!

Very sincerely,

Cleveland Design Competition

info [at] clevelandcompetition [dot] com

2011 Cleveland Design Competition Jury 
Kevin Daly, AIA
Principal, Daly Genik
Santa Monica, California

Steven Turckes, AIA, LEED AP
K-12 Education Global Market Leader, Perkins + Will
Chicago, Illinois

David Riz, AIA, LEED AP
Principal, KieranTimberlake
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Amy Green Deines, Associate AIA
Associate Professor of Architecture, University of Detroit Mercy
Detroit, Michigan

Edward Schmittgen
Executive Director of Capital Planning and University Architect, Cleveland State University
Cleveland, Ohio

2011 Cleveland Design Competition Prizes:
First Place: $5,000.00 USD
Second Place: $2,000.00 USD
Third Place: $1,000.00 USD

2011 Competition Summary


The 2011 Cleveland Design Competition invites professionals, faculty, students, firms and designers from all over the world to submit extraordinary visions for a new K - 12 public school in Downtown Cleveland. At a time when educators are implementing dramatically new ideas in pedagogy, curricula and organization models, the reinvention of learning environments deserves equal attention. The 2011 Cleveland Design Competition presents an opportunity to re-imagine the school and explore how educational facilities must evolve to provide world-class opportunities for learning.

The challenges that education and educational facilities are currently experiencing are not unique to the City of Cleveland. Many cities throughout the world are faced with a growing achievement gap between high performing and poor performing schools. Families from communities with poor performing schools who seek to improve the educational opportunities for their children have little choice but to move to communities where the school districts are better funded, operated and offer more opportunities for academic success. The 2011 Cleveland Design Competition invites designers to re-evaluate prescribed formulas for school planning and design and offer new approaches that support new educational philosophies that will influence better learning environments in the City of Cleveland and around the world.

Awards Sponsor: Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, founded in 1974, is the nation's premiere research institution on land use and taxation. Funding came from the Lincoln Foundation, which was created in 1946 by John C. Lincoln, a Cleveland industrialist who became intrigued with land use and tax policy as it relates to land through the writings of Henry George. Today the Lincoln Institute, located near Harvard Square in Cambridge, Mass., serves as a non-partisan forum for scholars, policymakers, practitioners, citizens and journalists, integrating theory and practice through education, research, demonstration projects, publications and conference. For more information: www.lincolninst.edu
Competition Partner: KSU Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative
The Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (CUDC) is the combined home of Kent State University's graduate program in urban design and the public service activities of the Urban Design Center of Northeast Ohio (UDC). The CUDC provides real-world learning opportunities for Kent State students and allows the UDC staff to provide design services to the entire region served by Kent State's eight campuses.
Competition Partner: Cleveland State University

Cleveland State is a metropolitan university that provides a rich environment for engaged learning in an exciting and dynamic location. Our students are fond of claiming that the entire city is their campus for study, practical experience, and recreation. And our pledge to each student is an engaged learning experience in the real world, for the real world, among a diverse student body. The Cleveland State campus consists of more than 85 acres -- the largest footprint in downtown Cleveland -- with 40-plus buildings used for teaching, research, housing, administration, and recreation.


Competition Partner: Cleveland Metropolitan School District

The primary goal of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District is to become a premier school district in the United States of America. The Cleveland Metropolitan School District envisions 21st Century Schools of Choice where students will be challenged with a rigorous curriculum that considers the individual learning styles, program preferences and academic capabilities of each student, while utilizing the highest quality professional educators, administrators and support staff available. The Cleveland Metropolitan School District has recently implemented as a bold plan to transform the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. through research and best practices in student achievement and in school reform initiatives calling for fundamental, system-wide changes in our schools.

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