Clark Field Meeting at St. Joseph OLA - EPA clean up also scheduled at this CLE park

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Clark Field Meeting at OLA

  Approximately, 40 persons showed up to learn the City of Cleveland's plans for Clark Field.  The City of Cleveland was represented at the podium by Public Works Director Michael Cox and Councilman Cimperman with a panel from the Cleveland Health Department and Cleveland Economic Development Department - Brownfields represented by David Ebersole.  A Canalway representative  (Jessica? -she didn't give her lastname) also spoke briefly, but Canalway Director Tim Donovan was not present.  WEWS provided news coverage.

Off to the side, the Mayor's Chief of Staff Ken Sillman, Chief of Staff Darnell Brown and Head of Planning Freddie Collier were present.  Tremont West Development Corporation sponsored the meeting to address questions from Friends of Clark Field and other Tremont residents.  

Through a phone call today 2/27 to David Ebersole -I learned that the company testing Clark Field is URS Corporation-and further tests will determine the remediation response.  Preliminary tests have already indicated high levels of Lead and Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons.  For some reason, the levels have not triggered an emergency closing of Clark Field as happened at WC Reed Field.  This despite many more juveniles using Clark Field and the presence of a playground there (WC Reed did not have a playground).  The timeline is very vague - with projected completion of clean-up and renovation some time in 2017 and approximately 5+ million dollars of investment planned (2.5 milion from City, 2.9 million Canalway partners).  

I will update this as more information is forthcoming.  Please also call Tremont West Development Corporation. 

Media on the renovation:

"Some" LEAD in Clark Fields etc..." LEAD!!!! Time to panic!!

So those of us in Brooklyn Centre who watched OUR park, WC Reed Field closed with a huge Gestapo fence in November 2012 because it allegedly was super dangerous, a veritable Love Canal on land, according to now departed "experts" like Karen Butler and Donald Kasych, are watching this "rebuild" with great interest. The EPA was rushed in SIXTY YEARS after the dump at WC Reed had been capped and closed, after 50 beautiful trees grew to shade the picnics and baseball games and flag football matches and summer parties that took place on the verdant grassy 12 acre park. We were treated to several dog and pony shows by the EPA where the C word was flung around like so many hot air balloons, even though there have been ZERO incidents of cancer or respiratory disease clusters over here. In their haste to rush this through and blow millions of federal tax dollars they have broken their own rules about what constitutes a Super Fund expenditure. So OUR park, now a treeless swamp STILL fenced off and not complete which was supposed to open in August of 2014, has "drainage issues" not just in 15 or 20 percent of the 12 acres but throughout. We are watching and waiting.............

History of Clark Field and "Lake Clarence"

"Heavy rains were blamed for the 750 by 2,000 ft. lake that developed in the baseball field at the bottom of Cathedral Hill.  Fears about stagnate water and possibility of children drowning were voiced by a mother from St. Olga.  Officials at the time were mum what their plans to address the issues.  Nine years later the Plain Dealer reported a child was saved from drowning in Lake Clarence.  Also, a former resident referred to waste, coming from the 11th Street creek,  draining into the valley.  "

Remnant of the "lake" in 1951 - the "lake" was largest around 1912.


See Mark Tebeau's research here :

Also great photos and information here from Laura Hine (see St. Theodosius in background):


See St. Theodosius in the background. 

This history of toxic contamination at Clark Field begs the question?  WHY?


Another CERCLA mess? Now under Merle Gordon

 With respect to lead - Tremont's Clark Field was found to have elevated lead and is currently closed. Karen Butler submitted the request for CERCLA funds that condemned our Brooklyn Centre Park.  There has been no action on Clark Field.  I presume this will be on the top of Merle Gordon's "to do" list as it affects progress on the "Towpath" trail construction.  






Mayor Jackson's girlfriend submitted the request for CERCLA funds  -reported in the Plain Dealer today:


Jim McCarty also covered WC Reed Field :