Winter in Bavaria Photo Exhibit by James Cozart at Loganberry Books

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James Cozart, an avid photographer, Photoshop guru, and active participant of the Digital Photography SIG, is having a showing of his work at Loganberry Books in July. Please stop by for the reception or to view his work.


James Cozart:  Winter in Bavaria
Annex Gallery Opening Reception

Black & White Photography Exhibit
at Garnish, SohnHofen,
& Kautburen, Germany

When James Cozart was in the Army during World War II, he took his camera with him.  These are not journalistic war shots however, but rather beautiful sweeping panoramas of the German countryside:  mountains, valleys, and snow, in a luscious black and white depth that capture the deep nostalgia of a time gone by.  New prints of these old negatives bring life to the quiet beauty of the snowy countryside of old Bavaria. Jimmy is a charter member of the Fine Arts Society, founded by Charles Pinkney, and also a long time member of the Karamu Camera Guild.  The  show continues through July 29. A more detailed biography of the photographer are available here.


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