Should the Imperial Women protest at home of Cleveland Mayor Jackson April 9 as to the Imperial Ave Murders, Black women?

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Norm, please remove the

Norm, please remove the other poll sent minutes earlier. It has typos and thanks--Kathy Wray Coleman

City of Cleveland Law Department

Is the worst that I have ever seen.  Incompetent, corrupt, selective enforcement of law, requesting improper search warrants, overreaching and abusing their powers, etc.

I say you protest at the Mayor's house and City Hall both.  Robert Triozzi and the Assistant Director of Law for Building and Housing, Ron O'Leary are no good, and they should also be the focus of any protest.  They are the ones making the decisions, and the Mayor just nods his head in agreement with whatever choices they make.  Very poor law department giving very poor unfair legal advice.

Robert Triozzi and Ron O'Leary- both former municipal judges- were put in their positions for political reasons after they both lost their judicial elections.  rejects

You are so informed and

You are so informed and smart--Thanks--