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Submitted by DerekArnold on Mon, 07/09/2007 - 12:16.

I am not one prone to bouts of pomp and circumstance so, without further adieu... 7Gen has been upgraded. Please leave your feedback as comments on this post...

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A similar...

A similar upgrade will be occurring on the REALNEO site (and all of the REALNEO sites) in the very immediate future so questions, comments and bugs are appreciated. Please feel free to contact me here.

block the porn hawkers please

Can you get rid of these up-standing members? The porno, drug, gadget hawking parasites who inhabit this social network site please... Makes it hard to see who might actually be paying attention here.
 This post has been edited -- point made.

Don't do that again.

This is for anyone reading....a post like this will get you banned. This is the only warning that will be issued on this topic. This is unnecessary and counterproductive. Period.

Derek Arnold

Parasite Realneo Members

Looking over the membership list on realneo you can see several - until the admins strip them off - wannabe members with url connections like the example above which Susan posted.

I would like to know why/how these parasites want to log in to open sites like realneo.   How do they make money off of it?  Does it somehow upgrade their Google rating? or what?

Jeff,      Thanks for

    Thanks for addressing this in a civilized way.

    It's not just open sites, many CMS-run sites have issues like this.  We are trying to figure out a solution.


Derek Arnold


Hello Derek,

How'v you been? 

In order to figure out how to screen out the commercial parasites to the cms sites, it seems to me we need to know what attracts them to the cms sites.   How is it advantagous to become a phoney member of a cms site and post 18 jillion urls to viagra etc.?  I asked Norm this same question and Norm mentioned something which made it sound like a nickle a hit went back to the parasite - sort of like Google side bar advertizing. 

I can usually figure out how a scam works, but I haven't figured this one out yet...

Please help.

These parasites aren't logging in to realneo to waste their own time.  Somehow, it makes them money.  Question is, How?

Hope to see you soon.


Jeff,     Some people use


    Some people use rather unscrupulous means to draw attention to their website.  It's the difference between a well-crafted aerosol art mural and spraying someone's house.  Sure, you get attention both ways but one way enlightens, one way alienates.



Derek Arnold

Short attention span

I guess I am your best judge of "why?" because I have absolutely no attention span.  Why so many derivations of a "drupal" site?  Am I using the wrong lingo?  I love RealNEO, because it allows a neophyte like me to post images and text.  Why have offshoots?

You know...

Sometimes the simplest question is a good one....and that is a good one.

The offshoots are dedicated to a specific subject matter.  You do have my thought on a deeper trail though...
Derek Arnold