Creatives in Fresno, CA: A new report

Submitted by Ed Morrison on Sun, 01/15/2006 - 18:40.

Tim Stearns, Director, Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at California State University, passed this note on to a network of economic development professionals to which I belong:

Last August, the Mayor of Fresno appointed a group of "creatives" to create a roadmap that would make the city more attractive to creative and knowledge workers. They had 90 days to go at it and they came up with an incredible report that has excited the community. It is about building an innovative and entrepreneurial infrastructure that will improve the quality of life and opportunity in the city and region.

Suspecting many on this list will want to see the report (and perhaps create their own plan for their own communities) you can download the report at Steal ideas liberally.

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