Building a Drupal site for the arts, with organic groups and all the extras... work in progress

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 11/02/2006 - 05:53.

I thought those who are part of REALNEO would be interested in the latest from the development team. Phillip Williams and I are thrilled to have built and to host a site for the Cleveland Club of Washington, D.C. (feel free to attend their open events) and huge props to Phillip for lots of great work in East Cleveland - especially building a web-based data management system to track their speed camera data and payment processing (I bet you didn't even know they have speeding cameras ). We're working on other interesting projects, for future updates, but the one I'm most excited about is for the top contemporary glass art gallery in Canada, Material Matters, which has us working with scores of awesome artists and pushing Drupal much further than we were able to do with realneo, to date.

By far, the highlight of this project is getting to know the owner and director of the gallery and the artists, and going to the artist studios and generally diving into the Toronto and Canada arts scene (on which I've been posting a bit here). Not to slight the Cleveland art scene, which is great, or the excellent glass artists around here, and there are MANY who are amazing, but I am really excited by the innovative technique of these Canadian glass artists, and the influences they reflect. If you are into glass at all, take a look at you've never seen anything like the work on the home page by Ione Thorkelsson, who has an opening Saturday (more pictures to come), but I especially love the two works by Kevin Lockau and the neon installations by Alfred Engerer... although all the artists are great.

This site is also a nice demonstration of some of the capabilities of Drupal we haven't gotten around to deploying with realneo. like organic groups (each artists has his/her own group) and image galleries (lots of them here). Next big steps are to activate eCommerce, mailing list, civicCRM and then push the social networking side. I felt those of you who are interested in art, technology or what's up with REALNEO, Phillip, Evelyn and me would be interested to see our progress. We'll keep you posted on further developments.

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