Form's Steve Cencula says Innovation follows more than just function

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 12/03/2004 - 22:00.

The Form Group founder Steve Cencula was on recent panels at the Making Change and BizArt forums, where he brought to the attention of attendees the need to merge creative and entrepreneurial instincts, which has made him successful in design and business - his newest enterprise is developing interactive media and games for product development, communication and education. A point that stood out in his BizArt discussion was that he started his previous company, Kaleidoscope, because he wanted to do things he couldn't do or even learn to do at school - he knew by doing his own thing he would provide a product and service unique in NEO. He saw opportunity and he conquered. !00s more Steve Cencula's and NEO will be 100x more innovative - he's now on the Board of the Cleveland Institute of Art and promises they will be driving that level of change in NEO in the future. Posted below is the conclusion of an article Steve wrote on innovation...

"My point is that maybe what's required in today's economy is not a thing at all. Maybe it's a process and a reputation for questioning, a curiosity about the world and how to make it better. Maybe it's not the ideas that make us great, but rather that our ideas are simply products of our greatness. Maybe the things that will drive the economy in the future are not things at all, but new ways of problem solving."

see the link to read his complete perspectives

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