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Orwellian.  Most people don't remember the hysteria that accompanied the auspicious year of 1984.  I do.  I lived it in the London of George Orwell's down-and-out.  I attach photos for your enjoyment.  Big Brother is watching, afterall.  How old were you, Reuben?  Ten?  Family and kids are my relatives in Ireland, who I visited.

The upper left photo shows my lab partners at our college outdoor lab held outside Glasgow, Scotland- beautiful Jo and Gus. Crazy Gus!

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Photo ID

In 1984, the IRA was Britain's terrorism fear.  Note the photo ID--still in place for public transit to my knowledge, if not more restrictive.  Afterall, our transit systems have to be safe for all.  Other institutions balk at the thorny issue of state IDs.  Anonymity. 
Does democracy protect it?


  When I lived (briefly) in London, England (not Ohio), I befriended a fellow American abroad who helped me confront the word HATE.

I offhandedly commented that I hated bananas.  And, she jumped up and challenged me to stop saying...I hate this and that (I am still bad at it).  Using visualization and a real banana, she challenged me to see the banana hanging on the tree, then crated up for delivery.  Do you hate the banana, now?  She queried.  No, I don't hate the banana on the tree or in the crate.  The banana is in a crate on a plane, the banana is in a truck on its way to you.  Do you hate the banana, now?  No, I don't hate the banana in the truck.  The banana is in my hand and I am placing the banana next to you.  Do you hate the banana, now?  No, I don't hate the banana.  So, she placed the banana next to me.  I repeated, I don't hate the banana.  Now, kiss the banana.  Okay, this sounds vaguely erotic, but I kissed the banana.

This silly encounter made me laugh again, when I found myself on the bus yesterday with all sorts of people. How could I hate any of these people?  I may not want to kiss them, but I can live with them and I can certainly sit next to them on the great bus of life.  Afterall, I learned to love bananas.

Nice Story...

I take from your story the reminder of the the truism that it is very easy to hate what you aren't familier with, and therefore do not understand.

Your friend was a wise person - I hope you still keep in touch.




By refusing to deal honorably with others, you dishonor yourself.


 Will  biometrics be so bad, afterall?


UH Case Medical Center requires fingerprints to come in contact with patients

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This year, a BBC news program revisited the story of the Bhophal Explosion.

The recent report noted that the abundance of cheap labor was not the incentive for Union Carbide's relocation of manufacturing to Bhophal. 

The corporate incentive to move operations to India was to be able to create pollution and to not be fined or regulated--EXTERNALITIES

The world has not changed much has it?