Poet's Corner: Solitude

Submitted by Sudhir Kade on Fri, 03/02/2007 - 19:36.



alone I sit in Chair

The Flood I wish for never there

Will the Levee break? Or just bend...



alone I sit in Class

The Transfiguration I wish for never there

Will the Bulb shine? Or just glow...



alone I sit in Clinic

The Respite I wish for never there

Will the Blade twist? Or just rest...



alone I sit in Mind

The Revelation I wish for never there

Will the Flame burn? Or just flicker...



I am so alone


    God help Me


A poem by Sudhir Kade Raghupathy

Solitude: interpretive interlude

Okay, I usually don't comment on my own posts but I wanted to clarify a few points regarding this piece.  I wrote this during one of my darkest hours -  a time I was uncertain of so many things and searching for so many answers.  A time during which I endured the most painful surgery of my life and life-threatening implications as well.  I was suffering from the most depraved dreary depths of depression.  It was Hell. This is a purely autobiographical piece which strives to convey my struggle on a personal, physical, and pious level.


So forgive its somber intensity.  I wrote this as an homage as well to my journey into Christianity, one of the many beautiful Faiths we all live and love by.  Punctuation is used here in a way put-offish to poetry diehards but it is used to convey mood and tone - isolation (where absent), and a struggle to understand something read - You are God, we all are divine - without illumination and understanding.  Until maybe more-so just recently... the repeated elipses (...) symbolize the Holy Trinity as well as paths incomplete and still journeyed as we speak.  Capitalization also represents divinity and to conclude - an incomplete realization that we must help ourselves to allow the greatest abundance possible - to journey fully into Consciousness.   When you do, those GIANT words so boldly emblazoned in gold next to the Hard Rock Cafe entrance in Tower City, 'Love All, Serve All' start to make absolute sense.  Four words to live by?  So difficult for so many who would interpret living THAT by example as eccentric, or elitist, or egoistic even.  Our very challenge is to transcend these egos - not extinguish egos,  but check ourselves. As the infamous Ice Cube intimated, illustrated, inculcated in rap-verse :  'Check yourself before you wreck yourself'  - ('cause shotgun bullets are bad for your health...)


The Flood represents a deluge of ideas that could change our world in their very intensity and profundity.  Biblical homage , divine in essence, is provided  in the form of the consistently capitalized: Flood, Transfiguration, Respite, Revelation.   These biblical events are all represented as desired events pertaining to my own life.


The spiritual journey toward enlightenment can be twisted, tortuous, tantalizing, and trying.


Yet as I feel an ever escalating emergence evolve, I cannot but feel Blessed and at peace with myself and the world.   I now celebrate excommunication from some of my darkest hours, with no fear of what lies ahead in the future.  I expect only great things from and for us all in the days ahead.   Do you?  


Be not sad reading this , but hopefully reason, resonate, and realize my rapture.

And take whatever it means for you, with you - and hold it.  This is just my version.

Dance, everyone - like nobody is watching ... The best times of our lives lie ahead.


Believe this,   Collectively, all !   A Rennaissance is happening here in NEO - Inimitably.






Poet of the day: Sudhir Kade Raghupathy

Very beautiful poem. I can relate.

Disrupt IT

Something larger


Congratulations.  It would appear that you have made a quantum leap in your personal growth, and it seems that you have landed on your feet, as it were,without serious injury.

Here is something I think you might enjoy, from a good man who has practiced thinking for many years, and has become fairly good at it (IMO)


Something larger

Sunday, February 25th, 2007 1:03pm

The awareness that we are always an intrinsic part of a larger truth and beauty reminds me of a Zen koan:


How can drops of water
    know themselves
    to be a river?


This is from Jack Ricchiuto, at http://www.jackzen.com/



Thanks for your inspiration

Thanks for posting your poetry and for taking the time to explain it. More people should take time to write poetry, I used to  when I was in high school, and I regret that I stopped. I think writing poetry and even just journaling is a good way to maintain your creativity and keep your life on track.