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Women Veterans Need Your Support!

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Mon, 09/17/2012 - 22:27.

Supporter, My name is Shawna Foster and I served as a Nuclear Biological Chemical Specialist in the U.S. Army. Today I’m a member of the Board of Directors for Iraq Veterans Against the War.

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Fisherman adrift for 106 days in Pacific says shark led him to rescuers

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Mon, 09/17/2012 - 20:07.

A man who survived while adrift in the Pacific for 106 days is crediting a shark for helping to save his life.It was on the afternoon of Sept. 11 that he awoke to the sound of scratching against his boat. A six-foot shark was circling the boat and, Teitoi said, bumping against its hull."He was guiding me to a fishing boat," Teitoi said.

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'Super tree' maps 20,000 medicinal, related plants

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Wed, 09/12/2012 - 03:32.
'Super tree' maps 20,000 medicinal, related plants September 11, 2012 in Medications 'Super tree' maps 20,000 medicinal, related plants (Medical Xpress)—New research from the University of Reading, The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Imperial College London published on 10 September in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) could allow biopharmaceutical companies to distinguish groups of plants most likely to be beneficial to our health.
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Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Is Approaching Earth On 13th/14th September 2012!

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Wed, 09/12/2012 - 00:56. - On 13th/14th September 2012, a potentially hazardous asteroid is approaching Earth.

During the flight the asteroid 2012 QG42 will be a quite visible bright object that can be observed using even middle-class telescope.

It was discovered by astronomers from the Catalina Sky Survey, Arizona on the 26th August 2012 in cooperation with their colleagues from Italy.

The problem is that the asteroid will pass close to Earth only 18 days after its discovery!

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The 9/11 rescue dogs: Portraits of the last surviving dogs who scoured Ground Zero one decade on

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Tue, 09/11/2012 - 17:54.
Scout and another unknown dog lay among the rubble at Ground Zero, just two of nearly 100 search and rescue animals who helped to search for survivors

Scout and another unknown dog lie among the rubble at Ground Zero, just two of nearly 100 search and rescue animals who helped to search for survivors

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Dog Travels 500 Miles to Get Home "buck"

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Fri, 09/07/2012 - 18:56.

This is one dog who knows his way back home.

Buck, a 3-year-old Labrador, traveled 500 miles to get to Myrtle Beach, S.C., after his owner Mark Wessells left the dog with his father in Winchester, Va.

The journey began in January, when Wessells could no longer have a dog at his South Carolina home and subsequently relocated Buck.

When Wessells learned that Buck was missing, he was devastated.

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Worldwide Mass Animal-OTHER SPECIES Deaths for 2012 - (treat other species equal or humans die in mass also)

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Fri, 09/07/2012 - 18:36.

Animal DeathsBelow is a list of mass animal deaths for 2012 with a page also for mass deaths in 2011. There are animals mysteriously dying all over the world today in huge numbers. Millions of Fish and massive numbers of whales and dolphins are washing ashore dead. Hundreds of Birds are falling out of the sky. And countless cattle are dying from disease, just to name a few. Sure, animals have been dying all throughout history.

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Here comes the sun: Astonishing 'whip' half a million miles long on solar surface scientist radiation heading for earth

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Thu, 09/06/2012 - 18:49.

Nasa today released stunning video showing a 500,000 mile long 'solar whip' on the surface of the sun - and say radiation from it is headed for eath.

Captured by from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), it shows a very long, whip-like solar filament extending over half a million miles in a long arc above the sun’s surface.

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‘Something Really Wrong’: Tens of Thousands of Dead Fish & sea gulls Wash Up on Lake Erie Shore

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Thu, 09/06/2012 - 18:14.

Tens of thousands of dead fish (& sea gulls) are showing up along the shores of Lake Erie, bringing with them a powerful stench and questions over what is behind the deaths. “This is a very substantial fish kill and there’s some

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MANIFOLD DESTINY-The One The Only! Guide to Cooking on Your Car Engine! Cooking great meals with your car engine The heat is on

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Tue, 09/04/2012 - 21:01.

saus 2manifold destinyThe book is witty, concise and well-written. Well worth a read on any day. It also goes into more detail than I can recount here, covering everything from types of cars, food placement on engines, international VS domestic models and so on.

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Earthquake drill set for Oct. 18 will involve entire West Coast - alaska to california

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Tue, 09/04/2012 - 20:20.

"For the first time you have Alaska all the way down to California participating in drop, cover and hold activities," Schelling said. People can participate anytime within two weeks before and after the date, but "the most important thing is, they just practice.""Creating muscle memory is still very important," she said. That way, when an earthquake hits, you know to drop down and cover your head until the shaking stops.Schelling said there are a few earthquake myths that should be dispelled.

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Verified Warnings From Former U.S. Presidents About the “Invisible Government” Running the U.S. With No Allegiance To the People

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Mon, 09/03/2012 - 15:19.

Past presidents of the United States and other high profile political leaders have repeatedly issued warnings over the last 214 years that the U.S.

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Corruption destroying soul of US society, warns FBI agent - "The worst day at work is still better than the best day in jail"

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Sun, 09/02/2012 - 22:05.

John Gillies attacks crooked officials, financial fraudsters and philandering sports heroes One of the FBI's top agents warned yesterday that corruption in the US was increasing and tearing at the fabric of society. Special agent John Gillies, who has led major anti-corruption drives during his 27-year career with the bureau, focused his words primarily on crooked financiers and unscrupulous officials.

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Giant filament explosion erupts on the Sun: massive CME to glance Earth’s magnetic field – Earth dodges dangerous bullet-sept. 3

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Sun, 09/02/2012 - 21:42.
September 2, 2012SPACE – Chance of flares: Sunspot AR1560 has more than quadrupled in size since August 30th, and now the fast growing active region is directly facing our planet: movie. NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of M-class solar fares during the next 48 hours.
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Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Thu, 08/30/2012 - 20:01.

In the conclusion of my book Covert Encounters in Washington, D.C., I report that alien  entities are operating on Earth with impunity and covertly manipulating the minds of men. Recently, I came across the writings of an ancient authority on this subject that supports my controversial conclusion. In Greece, he is known as Hermes Trismegistus.

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Seniors Arm Selves in Record Numbers Despite Big Media’s Anti-Gun Hype - must are women

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Tue, 08/28/2012 - 12:55.

Seniors Arm Selves in Record Numbers Despite Big Media’s Anti-Gun Hypein Early, Texas, 66-year-old Vic Stacy is being hailed as a hero after using his .357 magnum pistol to save the life of a local police sergeant who came

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EARTHQUAKES ALERT: 100 plus in a few hours in southern california as we post - 5.4 to 4.-3.-2. - are you prepared

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Sun, 08/26/2012 - 18:55.


Preliminary Earthquake Report
Magnitude 5.4 Ml
  • 26 Aug 2012 20:57:58 UTC
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DO IT NOW – Wait or Die

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Sat, 08/25/2012 - 15:20.

Stan and I augmented our food supplies this week after thinking we were finished. Finito. Put to bed. Done.

Rethink... Famine is on the horizon and seeing the highest food prices in history should zap your sleepy brain cells. This disaster is propelled by these simultaneous factors:

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CDCs are mob fronts - tremont west development corporation - etc. - (our hero laura)

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Sat, 08/25/2012 - 13:54.

In Salina(Syracuse), NY, once, I walked into a restaurant...beautiful linens and wood-paneled walls...three heavy guys smoking cigars at one table and no one else there.  We were politely ushered out.  This was my first realization that the mob constructs a front.  I truly believe that Cleveland's CDCs are ultimately run by organized crime.  Some of the folks who work there don't even know it.  But, a lot of them do or figure it out pretty fast.  I remember attending a CDBG event downtown in the eighties when George Voinovich was mayor

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angel cuevas wedding help service & auto repair & towing service

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Thu, 08/23/2012 - 22:21.

angel cuevas our hero in tremont does it again - the thousand of folks that call angel a year for advise on issues a to z on repair of autos and many other things because angel is a genious -

angel provided the vows for a wedding today at lincoln park here in tremont because i called angel and told him tammy and dan want me to marry them but my printer isn't working to print the vows from the internet -

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Judge Orders Release of Brandon Raub, Detained Marine Veteran psychiatric patient - for Facebook postings-

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Thu, 08/23/2012 - 19:49.

A judge today ordered the release of a Marine Corps veteran being detained as a psychiatric patient after concerns over his Facebook postings.After an hourlong hearing, Circuit Judge W. Allan Sharrett said an involuntary commitment petition issued against Brandon J. Raub was invalid because it contained no allegation or basis to holding him.“The petition is so devoid of any factual allegations that it could not be reasonably expected to give rise to a case or controversy,” said the release order signed by the judge and sought by lawyers Anthony F.

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Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Wed, 08/22/2012 - 23:29.
  1. sosweb2.gif"for that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea they have all one breath; so that a man hath no preeminence above a beast: for all is vanity. ecclesiastes 3:19.
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Rutherford Institute Defends Marine Arrested Incarcerated Psych Ward Detained Indefinitely Posting Political Views to facebook

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Tue, 08/21/2012 - 15:53.

CHESTERFIELD, VA— The Rutherford Institute has come to the defense of a former Marine, 26-year-old Brandon Raub, who was arrested, detained indefinitely in a psych ward and forced to undergo psychological evaluations based solely on the controversial nature of lines from song lyrics, political messages and virtual card games which he posted to his private Facebook page.

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Former Cleveland Mayor Michael White catches, a new dream in the country - Yellow Butterfly Winery - "I had to learn to wave"

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Tue, 08/21/2012 - 08:23.

Mike White finds peace in his vineyards"It's different here," he said. "Everybody pitches in. I had to learn to wave." "You know, a lot of people live their whole life doing one thing, and that's fine," White said. "But when you can chase a dream -- even after living your dream -- that is a blessing. "Quality alpacas . . . lovingly cared for."

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henry senyak hero resigns president tremont west development corporation - afraid he may be murdered like rosemary vinci

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Fri, 08/17/2012 - 22:42.

henry senyak our the peoples hero for years in tremont and other parts of cleveland was pressured into resigning as elected by the members president of the the board of twdc because he knows to much and was dis-respected and intimidated for speakimg truth to power  for all peoples

not just the greedy pay to play corrupt etc. side of the businesses and twdc and officials etc. -

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