Superior Demolition and Excavating Demo'ing Cuyahoga County WITHOUT State of Ohio CERTIFICATION....CANCELLED in 2007.

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SUPERIOR DEMOLITION AND EXCAVATING....Another Baumann Enterprise cancelled in 2007

How can Superior Demolition and Excavating Inc. be authorized to do business with Cuyahoga County or the City of Cleveland for Demo jobs when they have had their business certification revoked with the Ohio Secretary of State since January 2007???? 

The truck in the photo shows: SUPERIOR DEMOLITION & EXCAVATING INC., with the address of 4480 Bradley Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44109... 

Below is a little research on yet another of William Baumann's companies.... 


 4480 Bradley Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44109

PARCEL ID     009-35-196
ZIP     44109     Field Definitions

Transfer History
    Page 1 of 4
Transfer Date: 28-OCT-09     AFN Number:     Receipt:
Parcel     Deed Type     Vol / Page     Sales Amt     Convey. Fee     Convey. No     Multiple Sale / No. of Parcels
009-35-196     Sheriffs Deed     /     $233,334     $933.60     200491     0 / 3
Grantee(s)     Grantor(s)
M.E.B. Properties, Inc.

Transfer Date: 20-JUL-00     AFN Number: 200007200813     Receipt: 17059B
Parcel     Deed Type     Vol / Page     Sales Amt     Convey. Fee     Convey. No     Multiple Sale / No. of Parcels
009-35-196     Refile Deed     00000 / 0000     $0     $0           1 / 0
Grantee(s)     Grantor(s)
M.E.B. Properties, Inc.
M E B Properties Inc

Transfer Date: 04-MAY-00     AFN Number: 200005040343     Receipt: 1000D
Parcel     Deed Type     Vol / Page     Sales Amt     Convey. Fee     Convey. No     Multiple Sale / No. of Parcels
009-35-196     Warranty Deed     00000 / 0000     $0     $0           1 / 0
Grantee(s)     Grantor(s)
M E B Properties Inc
Superior Demolition &
Excavation Inc

Secretary of State Business Filings say this: CANCELLED certification in 2007! 

Business Name Charter / Registration Number Type Original Filing Date Status Expiration Date Location / County / State Agent / Contact Info Business Filing Info Prior Business Name Info
SUPERIOR DEMOLITION AND EXCAVATING INC. 732351 Corporation For Profit Sep 08 1988 Cancel   Hinkley
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Agent Contact Information 

Agent Name Agent Address City State Zip Effective Date Contact Status
William Baumann 4194 Pearl Road
Cleveland Ohio 44109 02-JUN-98 Active



On January 04, 2007, the secretary of state CANCELLED their Articles of Incorporation and Certificate of Authority. 


Board of Revisions: shows that they applied for reductions and got almost half of the reductions requested...for their properties in North Royalton.  11200 and 11300 Boston Road. 


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Thanks, Lily for the photo....

Wish I would have caught this one earlier....

Why does William Baumann need to have multiple companies doing the same business with different names on their trucks???? Looks like he may just have a monopoly at this rate...just a few different names for doing business....


Original Blog Connected to this research...linked herein.

This reference comes from photos found on this link.  



YES, kill the land bank before it totally destroys the real estate industry of north east ohio with more corruption..... allow free enterprise to finally operate in the absence of corruption...INVITE REAL ESTATE INVESTORS to have the opportunity to invest into Northeast Ohio without having the politically connected regimes of corruption having their hands out with pay to play impediments to growth! 

Demo companies all crooked.. straight from the demo man's mouth

Demolition Man

“Who has been in the demolition business who hasn’t been indicted and gone to jail?” Mr. Schwab asked.

But over the years, Mr. Schwab has developed an aversion to publicity and public records. Several years ago, when New York City officials served a subpoena on what they called one of his front companies, they were told it did not keep records. No payroll records. No bank records. No tax records. No contracts. Nothing.

Companies need not be licensed, though accidents can have colossal consequences. Safety regulations are routinely cast aside. And many of the players today are the same ones convicted by the federal authorities two decades ago, when they last moved in force against the industry.

As a group, the demolition men are good at tacking away from trouble, setting up shop under new names, wriggling through loopholes and finding more work, often on government jobs. Mr. Schwab, for example, has been associated with dozens of companies, including North American Demolition, Daniela Corporation, Cuyahoga Wrecking, Iroquois Wrecking, Phoenix Wrecking, Irondequoit Corporation, Berlin Wrecking and Rapid Demolition.

But talk of that investigation has died down, and the construction slowdown has affected demolition as well. The industry, like Mr. Schwab, is now back in the shadows — where it thrives.

AT his peak, in the 1970s and early ’80s, Phil Schwab had offices in 15 cities. Miami. Buffalo. New York. Chicago. Cleveland. St. Louis. Tampa. Atlanta. Washington. Philadelphia. Boston. San Diego. San Francisco. Houston. Los Angeles. He was like the commissioner of the Demolition N.F.L.

“We have no brain surgeons in this business, not a one,” Mr. Schwab likes to say. “There’s only a few big contractors. You can count them on one hand and still have some fingers left over.”


more on corrupt demolition companies here

William Baumann - Superior Demolition

1.   Business Certification revoked

2.  Applied for and received property value reductions from Board of Revision

3.  Lost his business property at a sheriff foreclosure sale

4.  Has been named as a defendant in nearly 100 civil lawsuits in Cuyahoga County

5.  Still allowed to do business with City of Cleveland

6.  Wonder who paid off whom , or what the corrupt connection is?

Baumann Dump

  The Baumann Dump has been accepting City of Cleveland construction debris since the time of Mike White-
and completely filled in a deep, scenic ravine--one of the Spring Creek tributaries to the Cuyahoga River.
It seems all Army Corp and EPA regs were uniformly ignored during this hey-day.

The dump activity especially accelerated with the construction of the Gateway complex. 

Council representatives for this area have
been as follows:
Jim Rokakis, Merle Gordon,
Emily Lipovan, Brian Cummins,
and, now, Anthony Brancatelli.

You can't turn over a rock in Cleveland

You can't turn over a rock in Cleveland without finding a den of maggots beneath

Disrupt IT

As our sustainability Czar builds a shit furnace

As our sustainability Czar builds a shit furnace that will not meet future EPA requirements for Mercury pollution. And the morons leading the region will fight the EPA to allow us to be poisoned more with too much pollution from their shit furnace rather than build the right solutions now...

But unexpected future costs may also on the horizon for the sewer district's new waste-burning plant.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed tightening mercury-emission regulations -- along with particle pollution and several other harmful pollutants -- from sewage sludge incinerators.

The EPA has said that tightening mercury rules for incinerators would translate into health benefits "ranging from $130 million to $320 million in 2015" -- but only cost about $105 million for "all currently operating units to comply with the proposal standards."

Regional sewer district officials said they were still looking at the new EPA proposal and weren't certain how much it might cost if they have to retrofit the new units at Southerly.

The EPA says that sewage incinerators, many older units like the half-century old system now at Southerly, make up the sixth-largest source of mercury air emissions in the United States.

Mercury is a known neurotoxin that can damage children's developing brains. Particle pollution is also linked to a variety of serious health effects, including aggravated asthma, heart attacks and premature death in people with heart and lung disease, the EPA said.

While the new system at Southerly is well within current regulations, it may not be by 2015, when the proposed EPA rules would take effect -- especially because they now call for a mercury emission reduction of more than 75 percent. The EPA expects to finalize the new rules by next year, after taking public comment on the proposal.

Disrupt IT

Green Lake Blue City cites connections as part of DECONSTRUCTION

Kudos to NPI....

The city of Cleveland has committed $616,000—more than any other city in the U.S.—of its federal Neighborhood Stabilization Funds to pay for private contractors to “deconstruct” roughly 8% of the blighted homes it plans to demolish in the coming year. The city hopes to prove that the extra time it takes to pick through homes by hand for old, but valuable material like hardwood joists and stone in the foundation that would otherwise get crushed up and sent to the landfill makes business as well as environmental sense. In addition to this 10% set aside of NSP II funds, Cleveland is also directing $180,000 in a Department of Energy grant to the deconstruction project.

This new investment represents a big test for the city and the emerging deconstruction trade: Will a sudden increase in supply of materials from these homes find a second life that proves deconstruction self sustaining? If so, recycling even a small portion of a home might be enough to close the cost difference between demolition and deconstruction. The gap is usually only a few thousand dollars, but multiplied across an annual 1,000 blighted homes the city plans to take down has pinned deconstruction to the sidelines, relegated to an idea with lots of potential.

“This is going to put the city on the national map for deconstruction,” says Chris Kious of Urban Lumberjacks of Cleveland.

Kious is one of a dozen, mostly demolition contractors out to prove that the city’s investment—enough to deconstruct 50-60 homes in the coming 12 months—is a good one. In the past 12 months, Cleveland test piloted deconstruction in 27 homes with Kious’ crew of 4-5 workers. They were able to figure out how to cost effectively take down walls and roofs and meticulously twist nails out of joists made from old growth pine—a valuable feedstock to the other arm of Kious’ business, A Piece of Cleveland (APOC), which ‘upcycles’ the wood, reconditioning it for clients like Fahrenheit restaurant in Tremont and Starbucks in Cleveland Heights who want new table tops with an eco-chic backstory.

“The city is hoping that the market figures it out,” says Kious. “They’re saying, ‘we’ll pay more than demolition, but you guys will have to offload this material effectively.’”

The pilots confirmed for the city the acceptable time to keep a site open—five days as opposed to a single day a wrecking ball takes to bring down a house. Recovery during that time is about 10-15% of the total of a house. The new funds will continue to use this formula, with contractors reporting to the city’s Building and Housing Department where the materials are going (even the crushed materials) to prove they are avoiding the landfill.

“If an industry grows out of this for reclaimed and recycled materials, it’s good for Cleveland and our reputation,” says Ron O’Leary assistant director of Cleveland’s Building and Housing Department.

Kious hopes to win a big chunk of what the city puts out to bid, and anticipates bringing on another crew of 4-5 full time employees. Urban Lumberjacks will move this month to a larger warehouse at E. 49th and St. Clair to provide more storage; APOC will have a larger workshop to tackle the material for custom jobs such as tables or architectural walls. Kious would like to convert the ground floor space into a showroom. He sees more potential in making up the cost differential with consumer products than selling the materials to the construction trades.

“Getting $3,000 in framing lumber takes some bite out, but people aren’t buying it at those prices. I think there are international and regional markets where building is happening, especially for LEED building projects. But the real market for us is upcycled products. There’s a market in the character of the wood.”

“The city’s hope is that a market does develop for these materials,” O’Leary says, “and that by being able to sell these materials, a contractor bidding on a deconstruction job would be able to bid at the same cost as demolition. We’ll be  able to see if having fewer (landfill) dumps and selling materials is able to bring the bids down.”

November 12, 2010 - 10:10am

NPI leads deconstruction

Marc Lefkowitz Says:

A quick note: Kious and his crew at Urban Lumberjacks were hired for the 27 deconstruction projects in the city of Cleveland by Neighbhorhood Progress, Inc. NPI has conducted 30 deconstructions to date in the city, according to NPI Senior Vice President, Frank Ford.




Unfortunately, this is corruption at its finest

Unfortunately, this is corruption at its finest. They take tax dollars and give them to some powerful white suburbanites to give to the son of the CEO of Huron Hospitals/Clinic to start a boutique business selling cleveland scrap to friends in high places - all subsidized by the most impoverished city in America.

If it makes economic sense, just do it with private capital... the Kious family knows where to find private money, even if they are used to screwing taxpayers instead - if not, don't do it with our money, which our leaders don't deserve to spend as it is.

Disrupt IT

3327 Virginia-demos for developers-watch this property

Superior Demolition recently demolished a house that has been vacant since 2006.  The ATF shut the house down in 2006 for drug dealing going on out of the house at the time.  Since then, the property has been a nuisance, boarded up and grass cut on numerous occasions at taxpayer expense. 

FEDs please watch this property for a transfer to the Land Bank or possible disappearance altogether.

Property was arsoned a few weeks ago and demo crews moved in quickly.  Similar suspicious tax lien hocus-pocus occurred with demolition of Aberdeen Properties on Stanford Ave. 

PROPERTY ADDRESS 3327 Virginia Ave, Cleveland, OH 44109
TAX MAILING ADDRESS Tax Department BAC-Bank of America Tax Services Corp, 1757 Tapo Canyon Rd, Suite 300, Simi Valley, CA 93063



 What's New

2009 (pay in 2010) TAXBILL SUMMARY

PARCEL NUMBER 015-24-109 TAXSET    Cleveland TAX YEAR    2002 (pay in 2003)
2003 (pay in 2004)
2004 (pay in 2005)
2005 (pay in 2006)
2006 (pay in 2007)
2007 (pay in 2008)
2008 (pay in 2009)
2009 (pay in 2010)
2010 (pay in 2011)
function changeYear(obj) { var ls_parcel; ls_parcel = "015-24-109"; if (obj.value != "") document.frm.year.value=obj.value; SubmitThisForm('taxbill.asp') }
LAND VALUE 4,480.00     LAND VALUE 12,800.00     2.5% RED.    Y
BUILDING VALUE 12,080.00     BUILDING VALUE 34,500.00     HOMESTEAD    N
TOTAL VALUE 16,560.00     TOTAL VALUE 47,300.00     FORECLOSURE    N
        CERT. SOLD    N
GROSS TAX 847.87     FULL RATE 102.4    
LESS 920 RED 284.31     920 RED. RATE .335325    
10% RED. AMOUNT 56.36         ESCROW    N
2.5% RED. AMOUNT 14.09         PMT. AMOUNT 0.00
TOTAL ASSESSMENTS 169.68            
HALF YEAR NET TAXES 662.79            
TAX BALANCE SUMMARY: 1,325.58 1,325.58 0.00
2009 (pay in 2010) CHARGE AND PAYMENT DETAIL self.status=''" onmouseover="return self.status='Tax Information'" href="javascript:popupShow("tax_info.asp");" class="info"> Tax Information is up to the hour - tell me more.
Cleveland 1st half penalty 0.00 0.00 0.00
  1st half tax 493.11 493.11 0.00
  1ST HALF BALANCE 493.11 493.11 0.00
  2nd half tax 493.11 493.11 0.00
  2ND HALF BALANCE 493.11 493.11 0.00
M119348D-GRASS CUTTING 1st half penalty 0.00 0.00 0.00
  1st half SPA fee 1.68 1.68 0.00
  1st half tax 168.00 168.00 0.00
  1st half SPA fee penalty 0.00 0.00 0.00
  1ST HALF BALANCE 169.68 169.68 0.00
  2nd half tax 168.00 168.00 0.00
  2nd half SPA fee 1.68 1.68 0.00
  2ND HALF BALANCE 169.68 169.68 0.00
TOTAL BALANCE   1,325.58 1,325.58 0.00


Damian Borkowski, Chief of Demo Bureau for Cleveland

Demolition Bureau 664.2959 Damian Borkowski,
dborkowski [at] city [dot] cleveland [dot] oh [dot] us? cc=kkolengowski [at] city [dot] cleveland [dot] oh [dot] us 664.2276
Demolition Bureau 664.2959 Damian Borkowski,
dborkowski [at] city [dot] cleveland [dot] oh [dot] us? cc=kkolengowski [at] city [dot] cleveland [dot] oh [dot] us 664.2276

Damian Borkowski is the City of Cleveland Chief of the Demolotion 664-2959


There's an entire list of contacts at the City of Cleveland Building & Housing Circus, oops, I meant "Department" to contact via email or phone... feel free to dial em up or email them requests for info!!!


Demos in CLE=Baumann Landfill


(BTW-the photo used to identify demos is one I took--I don't care if it is reproduced:


Please see above posts and understand that DEMOLITION is big business for the carpetbaggers in Northeast Ohio.  Of course, it costs the mob money to dump far away so they continue to wear out locals to get the permit that will allow them to dump in the valley of Spring Creek--which was filled in during the Mike White administration--I could not attend this meeting, but will try to get an update:

Just a reminder that Sunday is the meeting about the Bradley Road surface mining and landfill issue. I recommend that you hear this presentation by Ron Brady and Steve Henstridge, nearby residents and community activists, and other community members in opposition to the Zoning appeal.


Yesterday I received information from the organizers that in addition to the 8 acres on the table for the zoning appeal, there are indications that the operators are trying to acquire "Wabash" property in the valley that would enlarge the landfill area to 60 acres and bring it nearer the Cuyahoga. I have not been able to verify this.


The presentation is 2 pm on Sunday, Oct. 21st at the Parma Snow Branch Library temporarily housed in the Midtown Shopping strip on Snow Road at Broadview.  Mr. Brady's presentation covers the history, current status and proposed future of land use as well as stream disturbance.

For more background on the issue, a record is kept at


In addition to the South Hills organizers' flyers I have attached a map of the area. I hope you will consider attending.  I know it conflicts with a Browns game, your fall foliage outings and a number of other events but I think it's an issue of importance to the area. Please let me know if you have any questions or use the contact information in the notice below.

- Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen Stasek
Friends of Big Creek
P.O. Box 609272
Cleveland, Ohio 44109
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Baumann Dump

  The Baumann Dump has been accepting City of Cleveland construction debris since the time of Mike White-
and completely filled in a deep, scenic ravine--one of the Spring Creek tributaries to the Cuyahoga River.
It seems all Army Corp and EPA regs were uniformly ignored during this hey-day.

The dump activity especially accelerated with the construction of the Gateway complex. 

Council representatives for this area have
been as follows:
Jim Rokakis, Merle Gordon,
Emily Lipovan, Brian Cummins,
and, now, Anthony Brancatelli.